ATEEZ’s “Captain” Hongjoong Earns Nothing But Praise For His Compassionate Leadership Behavior At The Chaotic “2024 HMAs”


The 2024 Hanteo Music Awards held on February 18 is likely going to go down as one of the most chaotic, bizarre, and disastrous music shows in K-Pop history. From fans assaulting each other to a fansite master being knocked unconscious to various bodily fluids making a mess at the event, stories from this year’s HMAs sound like something out of a movie rather than reality. But multiple sources have confirmed all these and more happening at the music show, and it makes one wonder how things got to be so out of control.

In the midst of the chaos, though, there was one person who really stood out in the most positive way due to his behavior at the event: ATEEZ‘s leader and captain, Hongjoong.

Hongjoong (ATEEZ)

ATEEZ fans and the members of the K-Pop group themselves have long looked to Hongjoong as a shining example of someone to admire and aspire to be like, and the way he took charge at the 2024 HMAs when he shouldn’t have needed to shows just how genuinely kind, considerate, and responsible he is.

Hongjoong can be seen looking concerned and upset in multiple videos shared online from the music show, clearly worried for the fans caught up in the dangerous environment that led to pushing and crowding. In some videos, he’s seen directing staff members in order to take care of attendees, acting every bit the compassionate and respectable leader that he is.

규비니 롤모델 홍중 sbn 나 반했자나,,

— 콩알딱지 (@veanz0830) February 18, 2024

HMA was so messed up and Hongjoong there working hard, genuinely worried and making sure to tell the guards delivering water to many people as possible my captain

— Z (@no8signal) February 18, 2024

In one instance, he was even seen going off stage to talk to the HMAs staff himself, still looking visibly upset and stressed by how things are going.

240218 한터뮤직어워즈 김홍중

홍중아 태어나서 고마워 #한터뮤직어워즈 #김홍중 #에이티즈 #ATEEZ #HONGJOONG

— (@hanbintron) February 19, 2024

And when ATEEZ went on stage to accept their “Top Global Performer” award, Hongjoong took time before their speech to kindly ask fans to step back to try and prevent more dangerous crowding and smothering.

hongjoong is so considerate ㅠ

‘before accepting this award, i feel like it’s getting very harsh right now so i’d be grateful if you could step back a little, thank you.
again, before concluding, even during our performances, if you push, it’ll be

— All for Hongjoong (@1107wrld) February 18, 2024

And Hongjoong wasn’t the only ATEEZ member who was trying to get things under control at the event — Mingi was also seen trying to help direct staff and instruct them to give out water to dehydrated fans.

Mingi told security to give out water in crowd and Hongjoong was worried about crowd at Hanteo Music Awards #ATEEZatHMA2023 #HMA2023#ATEEZ #HanteoMusicAwards #HanteoMusicAwards2023 #HMAs #31st_HMAs_2023 #31st_HMA_2023

— haechanchangedmylife (@Kpopstan5670) February 18, 2024

San also asked fans to be careful and considerate of each other during the group’s speech.

san also took a moment to remind the audience to maintain safety for all

: “everyone pls concentrate/focus for a bit and from where u’re standing turn ur head around a bit and if there’s free space, I request u to move back.. it’s very nice to” (+)

— itida || ATINY (@sunshine_1117) February 18, 2024

ATEEZ’s own staff members from KQ Entertainment even stepped in to help a fan get to safety.

It got deleted so here the screen record of it

— Z (@no8signal) February 18, 2024

After the event, other members of ATEEZ such as Seonghwa, Jongho, San, and Yunho expressed their concern for people who attended the HMAs.

: There were a few dangerous incidents at the concert hall today, I hope everyone who came was safe. If you were injured, please take care.
I’m a little cautious, but on the other hand, I’m so worried that I can’t help but talk about it.

— Everything Seonghwa (@nobodylikehwa) February 18, 2024

“honestly today.. oh.. no matter how much i think about it, i know very well that it was uncomfortable/i convenience for the people who watch the performance from the standing (area), and also.. oh.. i thought that atinys who came to see the +

— miwa / mimi ♡ (@mir_aax) February 18, 2024

: it’s alright
: if you’re all alright then i’m alright
: um…
: anyway really!!
: thank you so much
: thanks to you all, we made a very good award and memories
: let’s definitely be together in the future too
: then i’ll come again!!!
: sleep well today

— celine (@sandorokis) February 18, 2024

also yunho said that it seems the ceremony was dangerous for atiny and other fans, he was worried a lot and hope no one got hurt

— ૮ ・ ﻌ・ა (@yunhopowerless_) February 18, 2024

Hongjoong and the other members of ATEEZ’s considerate behavior at the music show was praised even by fans of other groups who attended the event.

“when we kept getting pushed by in all directions, we couldn’t breathe and our feet couldn’t even reach the ground, ATEEZ members were actively controlling the crowd and giving out water to us (for real, ATEEZ was doing the crowd control much better than HMA securities)”

— flora! (@YEOFAlRY) February 19, 2024

Fans of ATEEZ love the members for their talent, charisma, and music, but they also have a massive amount of respect and admiration for the idols’ kindness, generosity, and genuinely good hearts. Seeing Hongjoong and the rest of the members take care of fans like this at the HMAs when it wasn’t their responsibility to do so is a perfect example of why everyone that meets them has nothing but good things to say about their behavior outside of just being a K-Pop idol.

Here’s what people are saying in response to everything that happened at the music show regarding Hongjoong and ATEEZ.

We’re so grateful for what these kind-hearted idols did to take care of everyone who attended the 2024 HMAs.

 We’d follow this captain anywhere! 

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