ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Sheds Tears On Stage During His Solo Concert


ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo got emotional during his recent concert in Seoul.

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo | Fantagio

On February 16, Eunwoo released his first solo album, Entity, featuring the lead track “STAY.”

The next day, the idol started his 2024 fan concert tour, Just One Ten Minutes: MYSTERY ELEVATOR, in Seoul, greeting fans. The tour will make several stops across Asia, allowing fans to see the star up close and personal.

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Eunwoo had many things planned for the show, including speaking segments where he drove fans wild with outfit changes and a skit where he called fans, including his groupmates MJ and Jinjin.


— 시나로하 ★ 엠제이 (@sheenaroha) February 17, 2024

The third fan that Eunwoo called was MJ and Jinjin

— kdrama trash (@tttalkskdrama) February 17, 2024

Fans were also excited to see “idol Eunwoo” come back, as the star has been busy and focused on his acting career lately. Eunwoo has discussed how much he loves performing, so fans were thrilled for the idol to be on stage again.

The outfit, the performance, the stage
Idol Eunwoo is so back

— Ciara (@Estrella_Aroha) February 17, 2024

Eunwoo is a singer, a dancer, an idol!!! He’s so breathtaking when he is on that stage!

CHA EUNWOO FANCON IN SEOUL#차은우_MysteryElevatorInSeoul

— berry (@berryeunu) February 17, 2024

god I missed idol eunwoo so much

— roxanne’s binnie – misses ateez (@aroharoxy) February 17, 2024

During one performance, however, Eunwoo couldn’t help but get emotional. “Where Am I” is a track from Eunwoo’s solo album featuring bittersweet lyrics about missing a loved one and the beautiful times spent with them.

The sky was clear as I went to see you
I hoped the sun wouldn’t rise
But it all seems like a lie, the time we spent together
Like a tearful, beautiful dream.

Where am I, where am I
Even if I keep calling, I can’t see you
So where am I, don’t drift away
I want to hold you even if it’s just one time
Let’s meet again

— Chae Eunwoo’s “Where Am I” lyrics

The star sang this song during his concert, getting emotional and shedding tears as he sang the heartfelt lyrics.

#차은우 #CHAEUNWOO#MysteryElevator #JUSTONE10MINUTE

— 어온 Or_aon​ (@Or_aonn) February 17, 2024

Fans were also left emotional and shared messages assuring the artist they would always be there for him.

to go on stage and perform a deep and meaningful song takes so much strength, eunwoo my love I hope you know how proud of you we are and we will be here for you always 🩶

— roxanne’s binnie – misses ateez (@aroharoxy) February 17, 2024

My life is over
I cant cope. I want to hug you and wipe away all your tears
I love more than everything and im always by your side, always and forever


— yapmiir (비) |ENTITY| (@foruastrohaa) February 17, 2024

i’m in tears goddd eunwoo we love youu… him trying to sing the last line but couldnt gawdd gawddd i’m giving him the biggest hug ever rn

— vic ✧ (@jikooktriivia) February 17, 2024

 Eunwoo is an amazing performer. 

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