ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Reacts To The “Dating Rumors” With A Gorgeous Actress


ASTRO‘s Eunwoo has reacted to dating rumors he had with a Hollywood actress.

Recently, Eunwoo was caught in “dating” rumors after photos surfaced of the idol with actress India Hussey.

Luckily, both netizens and Fantagio were quick to respond to the rumors, confirming that it was actually filming for Eunwoo’s solo debut. Unsurprisingly, it had fans excited about what to expect from the music video. Yet, many wonder what idols think when they get dating rumors based on the most unexpected “evidence.”

On February 14, Eunwoo appeared on 1theK’s IDDP where he looked through different websites with topics about him, whether it’s his profile, forums, or comments.

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When it came to the news outlet Daum, Eunwoo read the headline that saw the spark of speculation when the photos were shared.

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Reading through, Eunwoo looked shocked as he asked, “Is this alright?” while looking at the detailed description of everything that happened when the photos were released.

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Eunwoo explained that he and Olivia were filming a date scene for his music video where she’s the female lead, adding how much fun they had during filming.

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When the video for “STAY” came out on February 15, it wasn’t surprising that rumors started because both Eunwoo and Olivia’s acting shined, creating a story of love and heartache throughout.

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It was hilarious to see Eunwoo react to the dating rumors and his sheer surprise probably reflects a lot of idols’ reactions.

You can read more about the initial “rumors” below.

Meet The Gorgeous Actress In ASTRO Cha Eunwoo’s Upcoming Solo MV

 The photos became a hot topic. 

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