ARMYs Suspect BTS Jungkook’s New Song Is Inspired By Someone Significant From His Past


Does BTS Jungkook‘s new song sound familiar?

Jungkook | Calvin Klein

Jungkook recently released his debut solo album, GOLDEN, featuring “Standing Next to You.”

Netizens found inspiration from past BTS tracks and Michael Jackson in this song specifically.

black swan jungkook is back

— archivesforjk ★ (@archivesofkook) November 1, 2023

Michael Jackson Jeon Jungkook
1997 2023

— Carolyne⁷ ʲᵏ ʰᵒᵖᵉ ᵛᵉʳ (ꪜ)‍🪞🪐 (@mhereonlyforbts) November 7, 2023

Yet, a few also noticed similarities to the 1994 song “Regulate,” performed by American rapper, DJ, and producer Warren G feat. Nate Dogg, from the album Regulate…G Funk Era.

Interestingly, BTS actually worked with Warren G during their reality show American Hustle Life, even covering “Regulate.”

So, ARMYs love that “Standing Next to You” might also be a nod to BTS’s roots, remembering this.


“Standing Next to You” feels even more special knowing Jungkook and BTS worked with Warren G back in 2014 during American Hustle Life! #bts #jk #jungkook #btsarmy #btsxarmy

♬ Standing Next to You – Jung Kook


Standing Next to You by Jungkook sounds a lot like Regulate by Warren G ft Nate Dogg & the funny thing is Warren G actually made an appearance on American Hustle Life #bts #kpop #jungkook #standingnexttoyou #jungkookgolden

♬ original sound – Destiny’s Diary ‍

Knowing how BTS connects so much of their discography and history, especially with this year marking their 10th anniversary, it seems probable.

 Do you remember “American Hustle Life?” 

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