ARMYs Find The Unexpected Inspiration For BTS Jungkook’s “GOLDEN” Album Design


Recently, BIGHIT MUSIC announced that BTS‘s maknae Jungkook would soon release his anticipated first solo album, GOLDEN.


There will be three versions of concepts for his physical album: “Shine,” “Solid,” and “Substance.” It’s classy with gold trim, but the different versions include green, blue, and off-white.


There appears to be a similarity between the albums and the Scotch whiskey brand Johnnie Walker. They have various versions, including Green Label, Blue Label, and Gold Label.

Johnnie WalkerJohnnie WalkerJohnnie Walker

Jungkook has been seen drinking this brand of whiskey before, too, during his live broadcasts.

Jungkook humming & making the black label bottle dance with the beat of The Astronaut

— skye⁷ (@onlyforseokjini) October 4, 2023

So, ARMYs suspect it’s one of Jungkook’s favorite alcohols, and it must have inspired him during the album’s creation.

isso não é uma coincidência hein

— mali⁷ bts soulmate (@cloudbtsy) October 5, 2023


#greenscreen what if is it true- #jungkook#jeonjungkook#jjk#bts_official_bighit#btsxarmy

♬ dynamiteoffkey – sara⁷

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