ARMYs Call Out BTS Jimin’s Fansite For Cropping V Out Of Photo At His Own Fanmeeting


Netizens are expressing concern after a fansite posted pictures from BTS V‘s fanmeeting.

BTS’s V recently held his first solo fanmeeting, (V)ICNIC, at Kyunghee University’s Peace Amphitheater.

BTS’s V | @bts_bighit/X

While it was V’s solo fanmeeting, he still had one of his BTS members guest. He brought out his close friend, Jimin, surprising ARMYs.

im so thankful.. taehyungie made this kind of event today and he was
‘why dont u try coming here to play with army together (with me)?’
how dare i.. can i go there too?
…i came running right

— 찜라 (@mandakkoo) October 14, 2023

Considering Jimin’s appearance was a surprise, ARMYs were shocked when a Jimin and Jungkook fansite updated, posting photos from V’s fanmeeting.

The fansite posted a few photos of Jimin at (V)ICNIC. Yet, one caught the attention of ARMYs due to its intentional crop. It was clearly a photo of both V and Jimin, but V’s head was cropped off.

This crop was so personal some fansites are really shameless

— REPORT FOR (ꪜ) (@BlockForV) October 15, 2023

ARMYs were disappointed that a cute photo of the two BTS members was edited to remove one, and many felt it was disrespectful, especially considering it was V’s fanmeeting that they were at. So, ARMYs called out the fansite for cropping V out of the picture.

Pjms and jokers always have a problem when it comes to taehyung, my boy didn’t do anything to u, why are you even crop him, I get it that’s jm fansite but is that really necessary to crop Jimin’s favorite friend?

— Violet | ʟᴀʏᴏ(ꪜ)ᴇʀ (@Aerynnies) October 15, 2023

Some pointed out that although the fansite cropped out V, they still had to have bought albums to secure a ticket. Yet, they wondered how the fansite could get in and how they knew Jimin would be there in the first place, sparking concern.

this non taehyung fansite surely bought a ticket from somone, but the sickening thing is how they knew that jimin is attending :/ glad my boy enjoyed his fanmeeting and @BIGHIT_MUSIC you will crumble

— thꪜ admirer (@taeinfinitelove) October 15, 2023

Jimin’s appearance at V’s fanmeeting was meant to be a surprise, so it’s shocking that one of his fansites would be there.

 ARMYs were outraged. 

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