ARMYS Are In Their Feelings After BTS Jin’s Latest Message To Fans


BTS‘s Jin revealed just how much he thinks of ARMYs.

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On January 29, “Thinking Of ARMY” trended on Korean Twitter.

Thinking Of ARMY

The trending topic was in response to a sweet message from Jin. On this day, the idol, who is currently serving in the military, revealed how he spent his days before enlisting.

8 AM – 9 AM Go to work. Thinking of ARMY. 9 AM – 9 PM Work. Concerts, contents, film, meetings, briefings, etc. Thinking of ARMY. 10 PM Go home. Thinking of ARMY. 11 PM – 2 AM Eat before sleeping and I do personal chores. Thinking of ARMY. 2AM – 8 AM Sleep. Thinking of ARMY.

What caught the eyes of ARMY, however, was the fact that throughout the day, Jin wrote that he was thinking of ARMY.

Netizens reacted by stating how touched they were by the fact that ARMYs were always on Jin’s mind. Many stated that they couldn’t wait for the “Worldwide Handsome” superstar to return.

I wasn’t expecting the new content from the army membership like this with their routines in a pie chart like
Yeah I effin miss them

also crazy time sleeps as expected omg

Jin with his 아미생각


— pau ⁷ (@Pauminsu) January 29, 2024

김석진 아미생각 깨알같이 적어둔 거
진짜로 너무너무너무 코여움 ㅜㅜ

— 윤나 (@YUNKI_309_) January 29, 2024

Kim Seok Jin is so cute for writing that he was always thinking of ARMY.

— Yunki_309_/Twitter

모든 순간마다 아미생각 적혀져 있는거 개큰감동#JIN

— emily삶의활력소년단 (@jennycrappy) January 29, 2024

It’s so touching that Jin wrote he is always thinking about ARMY.

— @jennycrappy/Twitter

아미생각을 틈날때마다 하시는
우리 오라버니 귀엽네요••ㅎㅎ

— 꿀베 (@BONITO_XIN) January 29, 2024

Our oppa is so cute for saying that he is always thinking about us, lol.

— @Bonita_xin/Twitter

시간마다 >아미생각< 넣어준거
진짜 다정하다 ㅠㅠ

— 찐잘 (@Kim_jinjal) January 29, 2024

He’s so loving for saying that he always thinks of us.

— @kim_jinjal/Twitter

아미생각 넘 고맙고기여어~
근데 일하는 시간 넘 많은거 아니냐고….힝….애 혹사좀 그만시켜라#WaitingFor_JIN_136#이밤_1700일_축하해#1700DaysWithTonight#방탄소년단진 #JIN @BTS_twt

— ❷⓿❷❹의특급 김펑크 (@kimpunk4000) January 29, 2024

I am so thankful that he wrote that he is always thinking of ARMY. But isn’t he spending too much time working? Stop making him work so much.

— @kimpunk4000/Twitter

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