ARMY Spot Yet Another Clue Alluding To BTS Jungkook’s World Tour


BTS‘s Jungkook is driving fans crazy with his teasers about a world tour!

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse 

Though nothing has been officially confirmed yet, ARMYs have found various clues alluding to his solo tour.

| Weverse

A clip of American television and radio personality Ryan Seacrest caught fans’ attention as he seemed to answer the question when he introduced Jungkook’s “Seven” on his radio show, American Top 40 With Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest started by saying,

So, Jungkook said in a Q&A the other day that he would love to do a world tour, but he doesn’t feel ready for it yet because he doesn’t have enough songs to perform.

— Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest | iHeartRadio

His next statement caused a stir of excitement among netizens, as he seemed to hint that Jungkook would indeed be embarking on a solo tour when he releases his solo album.

So after his album releases, watch out for his tour announcement because he’s hitting the road once he’s got a set list ready.

— Ryan Seacrest

The clip immediately circulated on social media as many ARMYs shared their surprised and excited responses.

.@RyanSeacrest on #JungKook‘s upcoming solo tour today on @AmericanTop40

“Jung Kook had a lot of success as a solo artist since BTS went on hiatus. And now fans are wondering when he’s going on tour.
So Jung Kook said in a Q/A the other day that he would love to do a world…

— JK Radio Updater ᴳᴼᴸᴰᴱᴺ (@JKRadioUpdater) September 15, 2023

Additionally, as part of the initial promotion of “Seven,” promotional posters featuring the artist were spotted by fans worldwide.

| @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram

As they went through the many photos, fans noticed that specific locations were tagged — Paris, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and Bangkok.

Guys so these are the 9 official locations shared by bighit official account, I seriously started thinking these will be the places Jungkook will be touring

— (@stillwjungkook) July 6, 2023

Most recently, another small clue has been found! Director @tanumuino shared a behind-the-scenes photo of the “Standing Next To You” music video set.

| @tanumunio/Instagram

When taking a closer look, fans found the words “JK WORLD TOUR” hidden on the sign!

Fans quickly took to social media to display their shock and excitement…


— ℘ (@97SARCHIVES) November 5, 2023

…but as of yet, nothing has been confirmed! We’ll just have to wait and find out what happens.

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