AP Dhillon breaks silence on Shubh’s canceled India tour, says ‘Political groups use artist’s image as chess pieces…’


Singer Shubhneet Singh aka Shubh made headlines after his upcoming India tour got canceled owing to the singer’s controversial social media posts. The singer was also alleged to be a Khalistani sympathizer and several top celebrities including Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya unfollowed the singer on social media. On Thursday, Shubh took to his Instagram account to react to the controversy and wrote about feeling disheartened with the cancellation of his tour. Global sensation AP Dhillon too came out in support of Shubh and wrote a long note on how political groups use the artist’s image as a chess piece to further their agenda. The singer also wrote a message on spreading love and not hate and urged everyone to not let hate run them over.

AP Dhillon supports Shubh in ongoing controversy

Taking to his social media account, AP Dhillon penned a long note to react to the ongoing controversy surrounding Shubh. The Summer High hitmaker took to his Instagram stories and wrote that he tries to stay away from social mania as it has become too clear to him how regardless of whatever he does or says, it has become a lost cause. The singer added that people try to spin a different narrative which aligns with their own liking to create further division. AP further wrote about how artists are now finding it almost impossible to stay focussed on their craft and continue doing what they love. The singer wrote that though he tries to be mindful of everyone’s sentiments, it has gotten to a point where as artists, they have to second and triple guess their every move “due to fear of unintentionally fuelling even more division.” AP Dhillon reacts to Shubh’s ongoing controversy (Image: Instagram) Reacting to the controversy surrounding Shubh, AP added that special interest and political groups constantly try to use artists’ image as “as a chess piece to further their agenda”, while they try to make art that helps people on “individual level, regardless of their colour, race, religion, nationality, gender etc.” The singer concluded by writing that one should spread love and not hate. AP also added that we are all one and to not let man-made constructs divide us. “Division has gotten us to this point but unity is the key to the future..,” the singer concluded.

Shubh reacts to cancellation of India tour

AP Dhillon’s reaction came hours after Shubh responded to feeling hurt over the cancellation of his India tour. The singer wrote about how he along with his team will come back stronger and wrote that he loves India and his home state, Punjab.

 After Shubh broke his silence on the cancellation of his India tour, AP Dhillon came out in support of the ‘Cheque’ singer and wrote about spreading love and not hate. 

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