AOMG Issues Statement On MEENOI’s Contract Breach — Fans Question The Company Instead


Previously, AOMG rapper MEENOI drew concern when she appeared on a livestream in tears.

MEENOI’s livestream. | @meenoie/Instagram

Later, Korean media reported that she had breached a contract signed with a cosmetics brand, leading to fans linking the two matters together. AOMG released a statement on February 7, 2024, confirming that she had indeed gone on livestream due to the breach.

Hello. This is AOMG. Firstly, we’re sorry for worrying everyone over the issue and for being unable to deliver an official statement quickly.

Our artist, MEENOI, indeed failed to show up to a commercial shoot. This happened because the company and MEENOI had different views on the company’s rights to sign contracts on the artist’s behalf, and we failed to come to an agreement, resulting in her not attending the shoot.

Through this process, MEENOI felt guilty about not showing up, and claimed to have “sinned” on her livestream. She thought that it would take some time to deal with things, and commented that “people would know [redacted] around March.”

We apologize once more for being unable to give a speedy comment for things related to our company and artist, as well as the commercial client.


Following the news report, some questioned why the company had signed a contract without first coming to an agreement with MEENOI.

Netizen comments. | theqoo Isn’t the problem about signing on her behalf because she never said she would do the commercial but her company signed for her? MEENOI didn’t do anything wrong, so why was she feeling guilty? Did someone curse at her? There’s probably something going on… I’m just thinking that it’s a relief that it’s not something bigger. It’s a relief that it’s nothing big… Did they get her agreement to sign on her behalf? It’s wrong that she didn’t show up, but wasn’t it that she never wanted to do it in the first place? We don’t know what’s going on, but I’m bothered by the fact that they signed it for her.

Others argued that this was common practice, as companies often sign on behalf of their artists as they represent the artist.


 They signed a contract on her behalf. 

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