Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli blessed with baby boy Akaay: Top 5 reasons why they kept pregnancy a secret


Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are one of the most popular and loved couples in India. They have a huge fan following and are often in the limelight for their personal and professional lives. On Tuesday evening, they surprised everyone by announcing the arrival of their second child, a baby boy, on February 15, 2024. They also revealed that they have named him Akaay. Their daughter, Vamika, who was born in January 2021, has now become a big sister. BollywoodLife brings latest entertainment news, TV News and OTT News. Click and join us on WhatsApp. But why did the couple keep their second pregnancy a secret until the last moment? Here are some possible reasons:

They wanted to avoid media attention and speculation

Anushka and Virat are very private about their personal lives and do not like to share much on social media. They also faced a lot of trolling and criticism when they announced their first pregnancy in 2020. They might have wanted to avoid the unnecessary attention and pressure from the media and the public, and focus on their health and happiness.

They wanted to protect their baby from the evil eye

In India, many people believe in the concept of the evil eye, or nazar, which is a curse that can harm someone or something by looking at them with envy or ill-will. It is not unheard of to be parents to follow this and keep things under wraps till the last moment.

They wanted to respect their family’s wishes and traditions

Anushka and Virat come from different backgrounds and cultures, and they might have followed their family’s wishes and traditions regarding their second pregnancy. They might have consulted their elders and sought their blessings and advice. They might have also followed some customs or rules that required them to keep their pregnancy a secret until a certain time or event.

They wanted to enjoy their pregnancy in peace and privacy

Anushka and Virat are both very busy and successful in their respective fields. They might have wanted to take a break from their hectic schedules and enjoy their pregnancy in peace and privacy. They might have spent some quality time with each other and their daughter, and prepared for the arrival of their son. They might have also indulged in some hobbies or activities that made them happy and relaxed.

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They wanted to surprise their fans and well-wishers

Anushka and Virat are known for their sweet and romantic gestures towards each other and their fans. They might have wanted to surprise their fans and well-wishers by announcing their second child in a cute and creative way. They might have also wanted to share their joy and gratitude with their followers and thank them for their love and support.

 Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have welcomed their second child on February 15. They are blessed with a baby boy. Here are reasons why the couple kept pregnancy a secret. 

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