Anupamaa Written Update: Netizens cringe over Anu and Baa’s emotional reunion; ‘ The lady who kept torturing her…’


Anupamaa TV show has been at the top of the TRP charts. Viewers loved how the show headlined by Rupali Ganguly promoted woman empowerment. However, the current storyline of the show has left fans disappointed. Anupamaa took a leap of five years and we saw Anu moving to America to start a new life away from Shahs and Kapadias. But that did not happen. First, Anuj Kapadia and Aadhya Kapadia landed up in America and now even Vanraj and his mother are in America. In a recent episode, we got to see the emotional reunion of Baa and Anu. Get TV News and Entertainment News updates in no time as BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Vanraj played by Sudhanshu Pandey and his mother Leela Shah played by Alpana Buch have reached America as they want Anupamaa’s signature on property documents. They land up at Kinjal and Toshu’s residence. Anupamaa and Yashdeep also show up at the same place and we see Anu breaking down after looking at Baa. The two share a warm hug and are in tears. Netizens are not at all happy with Anu being pleasantly happy seeing Baa as she gave her a lot of hard times in the past. Baa used to be always against Anupamaa’s happiness and she often teamed up with Vanraj to make Anu’s life miserable. Remembering all of it, Anupamaa fans are wondering why Anu is behaving the way she is.

Check out the tweets below:

Bharat Milaap .awww! Abuser of 26y, ruined her life, her Udaan in a way I don’t even wanna talk abt, ruined her 2nd marriage, cursed, abused, tortured her ..but naah, those tears don’t stop. Yuck, it was uncomfortable to watch?

I don’t call her SCUMBAG for nothing#Anupamaa GK_Musings (@ShayarKapadiaa) March 5, 2024

Why is she SOOOO happy to see Baa…the woman who cursed her happiness when she was married to Anuj. ?#Anupamaa

Seven (@Ju_lie35) March 5, 2024

#Anupamaa has no pain seeing Baa? The lady who kept torturing her for 26 years &even after that she tried to continue plus she kept cursing her family…how on earth can someone get emotional seeing her abuser?What a shameless,disgusting, cheap, liar, hypocrite lady#AnujKapadia

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste? (@MaAnrggk) March 5, 2024

What a joke , same old obsessions of the female lead for the same old people who tortured her , supposed “GROWTH” for someone who left all RELATIONSHIPS #Anupamaa #MaAn #AnujKapadia

Pooh (@EditsbyPooji) March 5, 2024

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What will happen next in Anupamaa?

It remains to be seen how the story progresses from here on. All of them are in America and Anupamaa’s distress is only going to increase. Anuj Kapadia played by Gaurav Khanna wants Anupamaa’s attention, however, Shahs are back to ruin their bond. Son Toshu has been accused of fraud.

 Anupamaa 5 March: In Anupamaa, we see that Baa along with Vanraj has reached America. They have a reunion with Anu at Kinjal and Toshu’s house. Anu gets all emotional seeing Baa. 

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