Anupamaa: Will Dimpy accept compensation offered by Sonu’s father; Anu continues to ignore Anuj


Anupamaa: The current track of the show is extremely disappointing, as the fans and the viewers are unhappy with the way Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna) has been sidelined and blamed for Samar’s (Sagar Parekh) death, and the irony is that Anupamaa too agreed with Mr. Shah (Sudhanshu Pandey) and didn’t even think twice about accepting the fact that Anuj is responsible for Samar’s death. In today’s episode, we see how Sonu’s father is shown the unity by the entire Shah family that they are not going to accept any of his offers of compensation with regard to his son killing their son.
Anupamaa faces strong criticism for her ignorance towards Anuj and blindly believing Vanraj Shah.

Just stop #Anupamaa These dialogues. Maa. Maa ka dil. Duniya se ladh lungi. Screaming, shouting, pointing fingers, threatening etc has just become so lame, boring and repetitive. Watched today after over a week just for #AnujKapadia

KavitaM (@MaAnFan7) October 13, 2023

Does Anu know about the sequence of events that happened during party??

I guess the girl who was saved by Anuj might help in the case. After hearing her testimony Anu will realise what Anuj did was right & it was indeed destiny that Samar is not with them anymore.#Anupamaa ShyRabbit (@ShyRabbit12) October 13, 2023

So #AnujKapadia is sorry for being alive and standing for a girl’s dignity. Wow….really wowww Is ladayi mei samar ke pita #Anupamaa ke sath h….bhai jeevan mei bhi sath karo n hume baksho.

Ruchi (@ruchi0305) October 12, 2023

But the mole in the Shah family is Dimpi, and she might accept the offer. Dimpi, who has always shown herself to be the most selfish character in Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly), is said to take the compensation as she is known to bow down when it comes to finance, and joining hands with Malti Devi (Apara Mehta) during her tiff with Anupamaa is a classic example. But it will be interesting to see how Dimpi will accept the offer from Sonu’s father and how the entire Shah family will react.
On the other hand, when Anupamaa is turned into a tigress and is in a revenge mode to get justice for his son Sonu, she is in the belief that Anuj is somewhere responsible for the death of her Bakuda Samar and is continuing to make him feel guilty about the mistake he hasn’t made, as she ignited to even have a face-to-face and eye-to-eye conversation with him.

 Anupamaa is in tigress mode to seek revenge for his son Samar’s death, Dimpi betrays the entire Shah family. 

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