Anupamaa: Viraj Kapoor aka Romil shares how Samar’s death affected him; reveals why his character went missing


Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupamaa has made everyone cry with its recent episodes. The show saw Samar’s demise and we got some very emotional scenes. Sagar Parekh and Rupali Ganguly made everyone cry with Anupamaa and Samar’s last scenes. It was quite emotionally draining to watch those scenes. It was also very difficult for the actors to perform the scenes. Rupali had shared the same in her post about Anupamaa and Samar. Later, Alpana Buch, Muskan Bamne also spoke about how difficult it was on sets when the death seen was being shot. Now, another actor from the show has shared the same. Yes, we are talking about Viraj Kapoor who plays the role of Romil in the show. Viraj aka Romil was missing from the scenes during Samar’s death. However, he revealed that the story was very shocking for him. This was also a shocking twists shown in Anupamaa as per Entertainment news.

Viraj Kapoor on Samar’s demise in Anupamaa

Speaking to Telly Chakkar, Viraj Kapoor said that it was a shocking news for fans and for him as well. He said that Sagar Parekh is like his brother and they have known each other before Anupamaa as well. He shared, “When I came to know about it, I was like why this? But some good things are waiting for him. Initially, we really felt bad but the industry is such that these things are quite normal.” He also added that he misses Sagar as it has been just few days the death track happened. Viraj shared that Sagar keeps coming on sets in between for flashbacks scenes but they all keep missing him. Viraj also added that he and Nishi Saxena aka Dimpy keep talking about Sagar on sets. Viraj further revealed why his character was missing from the show for so many days.

Viraj reacts to his character missing during Samar’s death sequence

He said that he was not in the show for some days but his character has changed a lot now and the storyline has changed. He hopes that the story will soon focus other characters as well and hopes that he gets to do more shades of Romil.

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“I hope better things happen in the show. I want my character to shape up well, be it positive or negative,” Viraj added. Anupamaa actor Viraj Kapoor who plays the role of Romil opened up about Samar’s death scene in the show. He shared that Sagar Parekh is very close to him. 

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