Anupamaa upcoming twist: Pakhi to slap Choti Anu; Anuj will throw her out of the Kapadia house?


Anupamaa: Pakhi aka Muskan Bhamne, is back to being herself, and this has left everyone irked in the house, including Anupamaa(Rupali Ganguly). Pakhi has been extremely obnoxious with everyone ever since she learned that she could never become a mother. She is irritated with everything and anything, and hence expresses her anger with everyone. But this time, yet again, she has crossed all her limits. Pakhi is seen indulging in an argument with Romil, in which she physically hurts him. Later, Choti Anu(Asmi Deo) tells Pakhi that she has hurt Romil Bhaiya, to which Pakhi angrily reacts and tells her that if she speaks too much, she will slap her as well. BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News Romil (Viraj Kapoor)warns Pakhi not to even touch Choti Anu, and this leaves Pakhi instigated, and she raises her hands to slap Choti Anu. Immediately, Anupamaa makes an entry and yells at Pakhi, to which she very rudely tells her mom that she isn’t in any mood for her lectures, and if she will continue, she can cross any limits today.

This is not acceptable DKP ???#Anupamaa

Suma (@Suma_VM) November 25, 2023

#DKP My mom without giving Bashan or to ask why I did this rude behavior,she would have slapped me on my face if I am being rude,disrespectful or yell like pakhi. Anupama asks how dare you? Pakhi shamelessly says not to piss her more, else she will not respect anyone#Anupamaa

Belqess (@bel_Gaurav_Maan) November 25, 2023

It is speculated that later Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) learns about Pakhi trying to slap Choti Anu but gets saved by Anupamaa. And this leaves Mr. Kapadia losing his calm, and he decides to throw Pakhi out of the Kapadia house. In the upcoming promo, we see Pakhi asking Anu to sign a 10 lakh rupee check, which leaves her shocked. And Bapuji forgets to switch off the gas stove button and wonders if any mishap is going to happen.  

 Anupamaa upcoming twist: Pakhi to be thrown out of the Kapadia house by Anuj after she raises her hand to slap Choti Anu. Bapuji forgets to switch off gas stove and is worried if any mishap will happen at the Shah house. 

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