Anupamaa upcoming twist: Anuj to start hating Anu and fall in love with Shruti; will it be an end of MaAn forever?


Anupamaa: In today’s episode Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna)and Shruti (Sukriti Kandpal) take Aadhya (Aura Bhatnagar) home where she is seen recalling her argument with Anu (Rupali Ganguly)and claims that she made herself a victim and her a villain. While Anuj looks restless as he feels something has happened between Aadhya and Anu which has left both of them disturbed. While Shruti is in a fix as she loves both Anuj and Aadhya but cannot make a decision for herself after seeing Aadhya going out of control in her absence. Anuj also tells Shruti to stay with them and he assures her that he is asking her to be with them not only for Aadhya but for him as well. For all the TV News and Entertainment News updates, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp. On the other hand, Yashdeep (Vaquar Shaikh) tries to cheer Anu as he sees her shattered and heartbroken after Aadhya leaves. Yashdeep plays the music and asks Anu to dance and forget all her tension as she too deserves to be happy. While Anu tries to forget her stress and shakes her leg with her restaurant family.

This is the reality of their friendship. It’s not based on needs,bt it just happened to them. S loves him & it’s not hr fault. Anyone would fall for him. Rn,both r shattered bcoz of love.? I just wish them peace. #ShrutiAhuja #AnujKapadia #Anupamaa

Be Positive (@vibha510) February 25, 2024

Anuj continues to be restless and wants to know about his strange behaviour of Anu when he goes to pick up Aadhya from the restaurant. In the upcoming episodes, you will see Anuj being jealous of seeing Anu and Yashdeep together and starting to question her comfort with him. While Aadhya is extremely happy that Shruti’s parents are arriving to fix the wedding date of Anuj with Shruti. Anuj is extremely angry and upset with Anupamaa over her negligence towards them and he realises that she never loved him and starts hating her. Anuj will show his ugly side to Anu and she too will be shocked seeing him in this state. Will Anuj and Anu’s love story have a permanent full stop? Is it the end of MaAn forever?    

 Anupamaa upcoming twist: Anuj blames Anu for their separation; alleges she never loved him. 

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