Anupamaa upcoming twist: Anu promises Anuj she’s trying to get back to normal, MaAn fans are unhappy about one thing


Anupamaa 16th October upcoming big twist: Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna starrer TV show has taken a tragic turn in the latest episodes. Samar’s death has altered the whole storyline. And though MaAn fans are unhappy, they are glued to the screens for the performances of Rupali, Gaurav and the rest of the cast and crew of Anupamaa. In the upcoming episode, we will see Anuj taking a firm stand against Sonu and Suresh where Toshu and Pakhi fail.

Anupamaa big twist: Anuj helps Anupamaa and Vanraj

Anuj will register the statement at the police station with Anupamaa and Vanraj. Later, Vanraj will faint. We learn about his mental trauma and his delicate situation. Anuj is still facing the heat from the Shahs. Anupamaa is still distancing herself but Vanraj has seemingly come around after seeing Anuj being supportive of them in their fight against Suresh and Sonu. Pakhi and Baa remain the same. Dimpy doesn’t blame Anuj either. Further, due to Anuj’s statement, Anu and Vanraj gain their first victory. Sonu is arrested by the police. Fans are happy that Anuj stood by the right.

Anupamaa big twist: Anuj breaks down, Anu assures him

Anuj and Anupamaa leave Shah’s house together. Anuj finally asks what his heart has been wanting to ask Anupamaa for a long time. He tells Anu that he will die if she leaves him. Anu assures Anuj that she is trying to move on and get back to normal. Anuj and Anu reach home after meeting the boy who received Samar’s eyes. Malti Devi asks Anupamaa if she forgave Anuj. Anu replies she was never angry with Anuj to forgive him.

Anupamaa-Anuj aka MaAn’s fans are unhappy

Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna as Anupamaa and Anuj have a huge fan base. Anu and Anuj have a separate fan base too. So, because of the latest episode of Anupamaa, Anu and Anuj’s fans are again at war. Anuj’s solo stans are unhappy that Anupamaa is not giving him proper clarity. On the other hand, Anu’s fans are angry at Anuj’s fans for not understanding the pain of Anu, about losing her favourite child. And some neutral fans are trolling Anupamaa and Anuj both. Have a look at reactions on X here:

Har episode mein anuj kyu “main mar jaunga, main mar jaunga” kar raha hai? Mujhe koi iska logic batao. #Anupamaa #anuj

sunita sinha (@SSinha23987) October 16, 2023

This ! DKP please stop this man from saying nonsense ! There are quite a few of us who think he’s neither perfect nor sensible right now ! Give the man sensible dialogues pl ! Not everyone will justify or put up with this #anupamaa needs a break from him

RupA? ( Fan account) (@NewKmusic77) October 16, 2023

#Anupamaa Anupamaa is not the queen where people needs to be sensitive only towards. For a matter of fact Anuj is being sensitive but madam is not letting him support what else is he suppose to do. His been begging crying and count less times asking her but this women

Yous9804 (@yous9804600331) October 16, 2023

#Anupamaa Anupamaa solos please stop calling #AnujKapadia selfish. The man has a heart of gold. The guy has faced insults anger even got manhandled but still his standing there and helping these selfish souls. Now please explain how is that selfish.

Yous9804 (@yous9804600331) October 16, 2023

Aysa laga wasa laga??bahi sab apko ek bar b kahe yeh laga k she lost her son.. What nonsense is this continues blackmailing me mar jao, me mar jao Had hai? Let me remind u Mr majboor Kapadia ji Anu had suicidal thoughts when you left only thinking about yourself #Anupamaa

Sadia_Rups (@Sadia_Rups) October 16, 2023

Anuj pls stop saying … ” Main mar jaunga ” ? ?? ? This is so triggering voh bhi anupama ke samne toh ? #anupamaa #AnuJ #Maan

? (@vanigup92074752) October 16, 2023

Anuj kapadia ke chalte uska beta arrest hua bola Suresh ke father ne ab dekhna woh anuj se badla jarur lega yeh Devi ji ko sirf mr shah ki padi hai per asli khatra anuj per hai ab ?#Anupamaa

v (@pari_0109) October 16, 2023

The track should have seen Anu’s pain and breakdown But we saw Anuj’s collapse and Vanraj’s shock Well, it seems that the heroes of the show are Vanuj?.#Anupamaa

Rk. (@rw3a_6) October 16, 2023

Koi mujhe batayega ki Anuj ne kab MD ko bola KM me rukne ke liye?? aaj #Anupamaa ne bola ki apne GuruMaa ko rukne ke liye kaha achha kiya?? pahle ye MaaYa ko layi phir jab sab hath se nikal gaya to victim card khelne lag gayi is baar bhi yahi pichhe padi hui thi ki GuruMaa+

My Love Gaurav Khanna (@lovgauravkhanna) October 16, 2023

This shw is a comedy.

S sacrificed his life to save #AnujKapadia bt instead of his heroism bng appreciated; AK is targeted, #Anupamaa is the lonely bichari evn wid 2 men arnd hr & V suddenly is sm warrior? AK’s importance & resp as successful bzns man & his importnc in Anu’s+ Namz ? (@PadhaiKaroPadai) October 16, 2023

#Anupamaa ye anuj ki marjaunga pe itna bobal kyoun bhai?? 26 saal baad usse anu mili hai..n S ki death ko leke anu boli Naa ..aap ka chehra n awaz mujhe S ki yaad dilati daar rahega na hi maan main..kyoun anu ke time human emo bolte ho to ye bhi ek human emo hai na ..

priyadarshini sushreesangita (@PSushreesangita) October 16, 2023

This might be a big nothingburger, but the progression in this handhold got me thinking if this is the way the progression of Anu opening back up to Anuj will be? Slowly, but in the end she’ll hold his hand tighter than ever? ?? #Anupamaa~#MaAn~#AnujKapadia

Pluto ? (@Plutokew) October 16, 2023

A**j saying “hamare beech yeh duri kab tak rahegi”, “kya hamara rishta aghe nahi bad payega”, “mujhe puri kab milegi”, “tumse yeh duri bardasht nahi hota” makes it seem like he’s missing some physical action ? .. why is he pushing her so much already? Write better! ?#Anupamaa

Yogini ? (@_moopoint123) October 16, 2023

#AnujKapadia be like:- Am I a joke to you ???#Anupamaa

Xoxog_urlll (@xoxog_urlll) October 16, 2023

Anupama – mei hamesha mister shah ki hi rahungi unki maid bankar..muje Jahan izzat mile wahan accha nhi lgta ?#Anupamaa

YUVREEN (@priyajh92041618) October 16, 2023

Ofcourse …. Aftr torcheriiiiing him Day-Night-Evning-Noon

She is saying me ruthi kab thi… M naraz kab thi… Mee izzz: Ye sb kya tha? hein !! Ben tum ruthi to kya krogi fir? WE STAND BY ANUJ #Anupamaa #AnujKapadia naz khan (FAN ACCOUNT) (@MaAnvelouss2022) October 16, 2023

If i hear “main mar jaoonga” one more time?.

Please he has been saying this from a very long time, just fulfill his wish fgs. #Anupamaa Ashyyy (@ash71281) October 16, 2023

This is my reaction actually ?? WE STAND BY ANUJ#AnujKapadia #Anupamaa

RM Zala (@r_e_k_h_a_rm) October 16, 2023


Adhira (@AdhiraMoonchild) October 16, 2023

He has crossed all limits of selfishness #Anupamaa saying repeatedly ki SHE NEEDS TIME but has to complete it by mujhe mat chhodna nhi to Mar jaaunga Marr hi jaa ab he is so damn irritating ??

Manisha (@Rupali_Fan4ever) October 16, 2023

MD ko itne rukhepan se reply kiya #Anupamaa ne but dekhna jaise hi Shah’s bolenge kitni khushi khushi bolegi ki han mere Samar ka favorite tyohar hai hum khushi khushi celebrate karenge??

My Love Gaurav Khanna (@lovgauravkhanna) October 16, 2023

Watch the entertainment news video of Anupamaa here:

Meanwhile, in the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa, we will see Vanraj, in a fit of rage, picking a fight with Suresh. Will it add to Anupamaa‘s troubles and the case? Rupali Ganguly aka Anupamaa will talk to Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj. They will gain their first victory in Samar’s death case. But will Vanraj spoil everything? Also, MaAn fans have complaints too. 

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