Anupamaa upcoming spoiler alert: Chhoti Anu turns bully; will Anu be blamed for it?


Who does not know Anupamaa? The TV show has become very popular and so have its leads stars like Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey and many more. There are die-hard fans of Anupamaa who follow the show ardently and love every bit of it. Anupamaa is filled with twist and turns and there is no dearth of drama in the show. Though it started of with an aim to promote women empowerment, Anupamaa has seen many more twists than one can imagine. Now, the latest track of Anupamaa is all about Pakhi instigating Chhoti Anu against her mother. Pakhi is crossing all the limits and making Anu feel miserable. BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News.

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Vanraj’s changed behaviour becomes a cause of concern

Now in upcoming episode of Rupali Ganguly‘s Anupamaa, we will see Anu being in shock due to Vanraj’s behaviour. Even though Anupamaa is married to Anuj Kapadia, she still has her ties with the Shah parivaar. She often visits her Baa and Bapuji and check on them. But Vanraj has now restricted her entry into Shah house. He stated that Anupamaa should better focus on Kapadia mansion and not pay much attention to what is happening in Shah house. In the upcoming episode, we will see Kavya and Anu discussing about Vanraj’s changed behaviour. Anu is of an opinion that Vanraj is feeling guilty of everything and hence he is behaving a little weird. Further, we will see that Chhoti Anu has turned into a bully. She will bully other girls in school and Anupamaa will get to know about it. Now, it remains to be seen how Anupamaa will manage the situation. Will she once again be blamed for all of it? In the past, Anuj Kapadia has blamed Anupamaa for not focusing on Chhoti Anu and always being busy with the Shahs. Anupamaa fans have a drastic reaction to Chhoti Anu turning into a bully. Netizens are not quite happy with how the makers are changing the storyline.

Check out how fans are reacting to it:

So Bubble is a bully now ?

Malnutrition, unequal opportunity, climate change, immigration, vaping, racism, corruption, child labour DKP, giving you a list so that you don’t have to search henceforth #Anupamaa #AnujKapadia #MaAn KanShubs (@KanShubs) December 3, 2023


CA bullying someone should be a wake up call for Anuj but at this point I know he won’t go beyond ‘ meri upma , meri upma ‘ ?

Makers giving a good example of how a toxic hypocrite woman & her toxic mayka can ruin even best people ?#Anupamaa ??????? (@Gorgeouszz_) December 3, 2023

Check out an Anupamaa video below:

What will happen next in Anupamaa? How will Anu handle the situation? Let’s wait and see. Anupamaa twist: Chhoti Anu is turning out to be someone that Anu does not want her to be. How will Anupamaa handle the situation this time? 

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