Anupamaa twist: Shruti’s parents die in a plane crash; will Anuj Kapadia marry her out of guilt? Check fan theories


Anupamaa is among the most favourite shows of the TV audience. Rupali Ganguly has now become a household name and there are die-hard fan followers of Anupamaa. Gaurav Khanna plays the role of Anuj Kapadia and he has also earned immense popularity thanks to the show. Rupali and Gaurav’s chemistry has got audiences hooked to the show. However, Anuj and Anupamaa are no more together. Due to fate and consequences, audiences’ favourite MaAn parted ways before the five-year leap. Now, Anuj is engaged to Shruti. As the drama unfolds in Anupamaa, the latest is that Shruti’s parents died in a plane crash.

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In the recent episode, we saw that Anuj Kapadia broke the news to Shruti and she had a massive break down. Anupamaa, Yashdeep and all others were present when Shruti got to know that her parents are no more. Anuj and Anupamaa tried their best to console her but of course she is completely broken. Anuj is taking care of Shruti now and fans are churning out theories. Fans are hoping that the makers won’t show Anuj agreeing to marry Shruti out of sympathy, guilt, compassion as she has lost her parents and is all alone.

Im genuinely feeling bad for Shruti, first her marriage got cancelled and now both her parents got killed & now she is left all alone but I hope AK won’t b forced to marry her out of guilt and Adhyas pressure ??#Anupamaa

jaz (@jaz03659759) March 2, 2024

Feeling very bad for Shru

DKP, -You better DON”T ‘Ghusao’ #Anupamaa in AK’s house as Shru’s Nurse –#AnujKapadia must not marry Shru due to any sympathy -Plz don’t show the ‘Ghisa-Pita’ Shuti’s Qurbani in ‘Shadi-Mandap’@iamrajnshahii & @KalraRomesh be sensible for a change The Veracious – Fan Account (@ILoveVeracity) March 2, 2024

Since Shruti has lost her parents now, maybe Anuj would agree to marry her out of compassion. If he doesn’t, then Anu would never come in between,wanting Anuj to stay with Shruti as she knows the feeling of being alone too? Truth: MaAn reunion is more complicated now!#Anupamaa

Komal (@Komal_A05) March 2, 2024

Ab tou Shru ko koi reason bhi nahi hai AK ke ghar mein rukhne ke liye, I really don’t wnt Shru to marry atp, maybe in a couple of weeks or within a month Shru shd move out, makers better focus on upma’s ddp & AKs deewanapan for upma, this Shru track doesn’t fit for me #Anupamaa

MS (@SolaiMeena) March 2, 2024

In the same episode, we also got to see Anuj hugging Anupamaa as he got to know that Kanta Maa is no more. Their hug touched hearts of the audience who raved about their love and chemistry.

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In the upcoming episode, we shall see that Anupamaa will arrive at Anuj Kapadia’s home and Aadhya will lash out at her. She would ask Anupamaa to get out of the house and Anuj will make her apologise. Anupamaa twist: A massive drama unfolded in the show as Shruti’s parents died in a plane crash. She is devastated. Will Anuj Kapadia now agree to marry her as she is all alone? 

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