Anupamaa twist: Fans notice Anu’s ‘300 rupees’ sandals as she reaches US; no ‘sindoor’ leave all puzzled [VIEW TWEETS]


The television show Anupamaa is among the most favourite of all. For a long time, Rupali Ganguly-led show ruled the TRP charts. The show revolves around the central character Anupamaa and how she manages to sail through all the life struggles. She is married to Anuj Kapadia played by Gaurav Khanna but she is still connected with her ex-sasural aka Shah Parivaar. She gets stranded between the two but she somehow manages to strike a balance. Now there’s going to be another twist to the story. In the latest promo of Anupamaa we see that she travels to the US. A new chapter in her life is going to unfold and allegedly without Anuj Kapadia and their daughter Chhoti Anu. But here’s some peculiar that fans have noticed about Anupamaa. BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News. As the promo of Anupamaa went viral, fans noticed that she has taken her Indianess to the foreign country. Some even noticed that she is wearing her Rs 300 chappal. Some of them are confused as Anu is shown without her sindoor. A lot of thearies are being made as to what will happen in Anupamaa next? Some of the fans are not okay with this new twist as they are tired of ‘new journeys’ of Anu coming in all the time.

Check out some of the tweets on Anupamaa below:

No sindoor no mangalsutra no husband god bless happy diwali. I won’t call DKP atrocious names for one whole week #Anupamaa ? (@trashyitvacct) November 12, 2023

#Anupamaa 1st thing I noticed was where is Anu’s 300 rupees sandal ???

Neha (@nehalovesDVD) November 12, 2023

OMG Anu in USA? I hope GK kaka nd Mukku reappear in show 2 solve all the issues b/w our #MaAn babies nd #MaAn stayback in US 4ever with #ChotiAnu?

Meanwhile i want those Shitty Shahs 2 stay in India,away 4rm our #Anupamaa & our #AnujKapadia nd suffer a lot 4 their bad Karmas? ????? ??????? (@reddyshree_) November 12, 2023

#Anupamaa Phirse Naya safar? How many Naya Safars and shuruwaths are we gonna have! All we wanted was strong #MaAn facing difficulties together instead we have this!

S (@itvtalkies) November 12, 2023

Anupamaa has harboured her US dream for a long time and finally she will be able to fulfil it. Earlier, it was because of Maya that she could not go to the US. Initially, Vanraj stopped her from flying off. What will happen this time? She has touch down US but given the makers, her life isn’t going to be as easy. But that’s what Anupamaa is all about, isn’t it?

 Anupamaa twist: Rupali Ganguly aka Anu has finally taken her flight to the US. But here’s something that fans couldn’t not notice. 

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