Anupamaa twist: Anu goes English Vinglish way, moves abroad leaving everyone behind; fans complain about missing Anuj


Anupamaa upcoming twist: Rupali Ganguly fans are going to rejoice after learning about the upcoming track. The track that they have been waiting for the most given the fact that the show is all about women empowerment. Right now, in the show, we are seeing Malti Devi trying to manipulate Choti Anu against Anupamaa. However, she fails to do so. Anupamaa dashes to Choti Anu’s school for the sports event. But soon, Anupamaa will leave everything and everyone behind. Read on to know more…

Anupamaa moves abroad and leaves everyone behind

BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News. In the upcoming episode of the popular TV show Anupamaa, we will see Anupamaa moving to America. The makers release a promo in which we see a very wary Anupamaa walking down a snowy street. She comes across a ball and picks it up. A little girl calls out “Mumma” which makes Anupamaa remember her Choti Anu. But as she turns she sees a cute little girl running towards her and asking for her ball. Rupali Ganguly aka Anu caresses her and gives her the ball back. The little girl’s parents take her away. Anupamaa misses her little one too. The promo voices out Anupamaa’s feelings saying that she might have moved closer to her dreams but every moment feels incomplete as she is all alone. Next, we see Anupamaa picking up coffee mugs at a cafeteria, hinting at how Anupamaa is trying to settle and survive in America. The Anupamaa promo video is going viral in TV News.

Watch the new Anupamaa promo video here:

Netizens have a complaint yet again

Well, ever since Gaurav Khanna entered the show as Anuj, fans have loved Anupamaa and Anuj’s bond. Gaurav and Rupali have won hearts together too. But the scarce MaAn moments have always left them angry. Oftentimes fans have complained about the forced separation of Anuj and Anupamaa. They want to see Anuj and Anupamaa being strengths of each other instead of separations. But guess what, another separation is coming their way. And with Anuj nowhere in the Anupamaa promo, they have complained about the same. Some even threatened to not watch the show. Some did not like the twist and claimed that it looks like a copy of Sridevi starrer English Vinglish. Check the reactions below:

Watch this video here:

This has been the most awaited track for Anupamaa lovers. It would be interesting to see how Anu charts her journey without her family near her in a foreign land. Anupamaa is gearing up for the big twist in the show now. Rupali Ganguly starrer seems to be following English Vinglish track, to leave everyone behind and move abroad. 

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