Anupamaa spoiler: Titu and Adhik make master plan to expose Pakhi; Shruti starts playing guilt game with Anuj


Anupamaa: Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna) is restless and doesn’t want to live a single minute without his Anu. While Anu(Rupali Ganguly) has moved on and is right now focusing on surviving in America, her dreamland. In today’s episode, we see Shruti’s parents will be arriving in America and starting wedding preparations with Anuj. Shruti (Sukriti Kandpal) apologizes to Anuj for the sudden arrival of her parents and makes him feel guilty about it. However, this puts Anuj in a fix and he tries to fight his feelings for Anupamaa. For all the latest Entertainment News related updates, get BollywoodLife on WhatsApp On the other hand, Yashdeep (Vaquar Shaikh) is falling for Anu and hasn’t yet realized his feelings for . Yashdeep asks Anu if she yes to Anuj’s offer of having a stall at his food carnival on pressure. To which she makes him explain that she doesn’t want to indulge in any relationship right now.

What’s happening I have a sensitive heart. Anupama has become selfish, only thinking about work At the same time, Anuj is converting He turns to help her ???#Anupamaa #MaAn

Anu_pamaa (@Maan_anu3) February 28, 2024

In DKPverse wouldn’t this pass for a parallel? Maya’s obsession to get #AnujKapadia & Pakhi’s obsession to get Tapish. Pakhi has upgraded herself to Maya’s level of obsession. She’s even ready to sacrifice her daughter just so she could live happily with Tapish? #Anupamaa #MaAn

??? (@MaAn_Muse) February 29, 2024

In Shah’s house, Pakhi is gone out of control as she reaches Titu’s house to confess her feelings for him. Titu slams her for being a selfish mother as she is ready to give Ishaani to Adhik and marry him. Titu makes it clear to Pakhi that he doesn’t like her and tells her to stop dreaming about him. Pakhi leaves in anger and warns him that she will marry only him. While Titu makes a master plan to expose Pakhi and sends their phone recordings to Adhik. Adhik and Titu bond over Dimpy. Now it will be interesting to watch how this case unfolds.  

 Anupamaa: Shruti leaves Anuj with guilt for his feelings towards Anu, Pakhi to be exposed by Titu and Adhik in the court. 

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