Anupamaa spoiler: Shruti catches Anuj and Anu red handed; is shaken with his love confession for ex-wife


Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) and Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna) meet over an unofficial date. The MAan fans are excited and thrilled to see them together, but seems like that isn’t happening anytime soon. In the upcoming episodes, you will see how Anuj is not ready to accept the closure from Anu. In the latest episode, Anuj meets Anupamaa and questions her about leaving him and Choti Anu 5 years back, he asks her why didn’t she come back. Anu is adamant that she has given Anuj a lot of pain and she does want to be with him, she is also done with constant questioning over not being a good mother, wife, etc etc. Anupamaa wants to fly solo, while Anuj is not ready for her Udhaan.

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Anupamaa asks Anuj to put a full stop to their love story as she does not want to write any more new chapters with him together. Anuj is restless and he reminds Anu that they haven’t yet separated but only staying away from each other and he is not ready for the separation as he immensely loves her and cannot love anyone else in his life. Anuj who is engaged to Shruti (Sukriti Kandpal) gets that conversation and is shaken by seeing this confession of him for his ex-wife.

The fire ?#AnujKapadia & the ice ? #Anupamaa creates a perfect combo #maAn

The pallu grab is such a classic #maAn move Closure????? Whats that ?? Khadija (@KhadzRangwala) February 11, 2024

She strived hard to make an identity of her own name But the pain associated with her name was way more than love for her identity So chose to leave name & get lost in the world This was ??#RupaliGanguly #Anupamaa

Ridz_Rupali Fan (@Ridz_Rupali_Fan) February 11, 2024

It was Shruti’s birthday and Anuj lied to her about an important meeting to meet Anu. She feels something is off with Anuj and decides to check on him, but to her surprise, she meets Joshi Ben and him. And now she will learn that Joshi Ben is only Anupamaa. It will be interesting to see how Shruti will react to this revelation in front of her.

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 Anupamaa: Anuj and Anu get caught by Shruti as she learns Joshi Ben is only Anupamaa. 

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