Anupamaa spoiler: Malti Devi promises to reunite Anuj and Anupamaa, will she succeed?


Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s show Anupamaa has been quite popular among the masses. The current storyline of Anupamaa revolves around Samar’s death and Anu’s fighting for justice. Anupamaa starts hating Anuj and tells him that whenever she hears his voice she remembers her dead son Samar. Anuj tries to hold Anupamaa’s hand but she removes it and apologizes to him. Anuj breaks down as Anupamaa leaves Kapadia house along with Choti Anu. Anuj’s mother Malti Devi re-enters his life and calls him beta. Anuj rests his head in her lap and cries his heart out. She tries to console him and promises him that she will talk to Anupamaa. On the other hand, Kavya reaches home and informs everyone that Sonu and his goons threw her out of the rickshaw. Kinjal gets scared while the entire Shah family decides to stay strong against Suresh and Sonu. Malti Devi talks to Anupamaa and tries to make her understand that she needs to talk to Anuj as he is hurt by Samar’s demise. Anupamaa cries her heart out and Malti Devi understands that Anu needs time to forgive Anuj. She goes home and tells Anuj about Anupamaa’s pain. Meanwhile, Toshu, Pakhi, Kinjal, Baa back out of the case and fall in Anupamaa’s eyes. While Anuj tries to give justice to Samar and tries his level best.

 In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Anu leaves Anuj alone and goes to Shah house. Malti Devi promises Anuj that she will bring back Anupamaa in the house as well as in his life. 

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