Anupamaa spoiler: Anu, Vanraj fight against Sonu; Kavya to lose her baby as they avenge Samar’s murder? like 1


Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey starrer Anupamaa‘s emotional episodes are making everyone cry. The show’s latest episodes have been quite emotionally draining for everyone to watch and even for the actors to perform. Samar’s death promo had left everyone shocked and the death scene literally made everyone cry. Samar was the closest Anupamaa and she was shattered to see her baby go away. Dimpy who is pregnant with Samar’s child had to face the most hurtful situation of her life. She will have to raise the baby alone now. Vanraj is also shattered but he blames Anuj for his son’s death. He said that Samar died saving Anuj and hence he is responsible for picking up fights with Sonu and his gang. Anuj feels helpless and pleads before everyone that he never did anything wrong with Samar. He tells them that he would have taken the bullet without second thought if Samar’s life was in danger. However, Anupamaa has chosen to remain quiet and stay away from Anuj. Vanraj even throws him out of the house during Samar’s funeral and asks him to stay away from Anupamaa. Anupamaa does not react to Anuj’s situation and keeps on looking after the Shah family and Dimpy’s wellbeing. Anuj keeps on trying to see her and apologises for the mistake he has never made. However, in the upcoming episodes of the show, we will see Anupamaa, Vanraj and the Shah family decide to take revenge on Sonu for killing Samar. Sonu is the son of a big politician.

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Anupamaa and Vanraj will leave to file a complaint against Sonu when his father will come to stop them and warn them of the things they will have to face if they do not step back from filing the case. Anupamaa will ask Sonu’s father to careful as the one who killed Samar will have to be punished. She will go forward and lodge a complaint against Sonu for killing Samar. Anuj will tell Anupamaa that he will also help them in this fight but she will strongly tell him that this is her fight and she will handle it. She will reject getting any help from Anuj. Further, we will see Sonu’s goons threatening the Shah family. Kavya (played by Madalsa Sharma) will be seen going for her checkup when the auto driver will threaten her. The auto driver will be one of Sonu’s goons. He will drive the auto rashly hurting Kavya. He will ask Kavya to make Vanraj understand otherwise he will lose another child. He will also throw Kavya out of the auto hurting her unborn child. Kavya will fall on the road crying for her baby. It will be interesting to see if Anupamaa will help Kavya in this situation or fight for her son’s justice. It may also happen that Kavya might blame Vanraj and Anupamaa for her child’s loss. Rajan Shahi and his team are making sure that they get all the big twists and turns in the show to maintain its top position on the TRP charts. Anupamaa has decided to fight against those who killed Samar. She will make sure she gets Soni arrested but looks like her family is in danger again. 

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