Anupamaa spoiler alert: Will Anu understand Vanraj’s true intention and forgive Anuj?


Anupamaa Hindi TV show upcoming twist, October 9: In the latest track of Anupamaa, Anu (Rupali Ganguly) and Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) remember Samar’s childhood and completely break down. Anuj comes to see Anu but Vanraj doesn’t let him enter the house. Anu stops Vanraj and talks to Anuj (Gaurav Khanna), saying that she needs some time and asks him to leave. Meanwhile, Bapuji and Leela handle themselves well as they know they have to stay strong for their family.

Will Anu forgives Anuj?

In the upcoming track of Anupamaa, this time Anu (Gaurav Khanna) will lose all her hopes as this time it is the loss of her child and it is irreparable. Anupamaa has been extremely close to Samar (Sagar parekh) , her ‘bakuda’ and surviving without him is going to be a huge challenge for her. But because of Samar’s child she has to pick herself up and take care of Dimpy. We may see in the upcoming that episodes that Anu (Rupali Ganguly) thinks that she is worst mother that she couldn’t take care of Samar and cannot give him justice. But just then she gets a vision where Samar comes and makes her understand that life is unpredictable and she has been the best mother ever. He takes a promise from her that she will stay strong and handle everything. Let’s see if this helps Anu get out of her trauma and help her family too.

Anupamaa Upcoming Twist

In the future track of Anupamaa, we may see that Anu decides to stay in the Shah house, and Vanraj again creates a misunderstanding between Anuj and Anu. He will cross all the limits this time and will again try to come close to Anu, as he is anyway not ready to accept Kavya. Will Anu understand his intention? Will she forgive Anuj? Anupamaa is the top running show on television and Anu rules many hearts and is also a true inspiration for many women. The latest track is very emotional and it remains to be seen how Anu handles it all.

 In the Hindi TV show Anupamaa, Vanraj crosses all limits and once again tries to separate Anuj and Anu. Will she realize before it’s too late? 

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