Anupamaa shocking twist: Anu leaves Paritosh to rot in jail after he steals jewellery; netizens react to her ‘new avatar’ 


Anupamaa upcoming twist: Rupaly Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey starrer TV show is gearing up for an exciting twist. In the recent few episodes of Anupamaa, we saw Anuj deciding to help Paritosh aka Toshu with a job. Anu is irked by the same because she knows Toshu is good for nothing and will never appreciate the favour that Anuj is doing to him. And her belief has come true. This time, Anu will leave Toshu to face the consequences of his deeds. BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News and TV News updates.

Anupamaa leaves Paritosh to rot in jail after he steals jewellery

The makers of Anupamaa have dropped a new promo of the popular TV show. In it, we see Toshu (Aashish Mehrotra) being in jail. Anu talks about how a mother looks after her kid till the time they are holding her hand. A mother teaches her kids to move forward in life. And when the kid commits a mistake, the mother also suffers seeing her child in pain. Toshu is revealed to be the thief. Anupamaa is shocked to know that Toshu stole and put the blame on her. Toshu profusely apologizes to Anupamaa. He begs her to forgive and save him. Anu, however, has changed. She tells him that she has bear the pain of her son’s mistake but she cannot burden herself with his sins all the time. With that, Anu (Rupali Ganguly) leaves Toshu to rot in jail while he calls her name again and again. The new promo of Anupamaa is going viral online.

In case you haven’t watched the promo video, here you go:

#Anupama : Anupama’s firm decision against Paritosh!@GossipsTv #RupaliGanguly #GauravKhanna #MaAn #StarPlus

GossipsTv(GTv) (@GossipsTv) March 4, 2024

Watch this video of Rupali Ganguly here:

Netizens react to the new Anupamaa

The new Anupamaa promo has become the talk of the town. For a long time now, some fans have been talking about how Anu is always saving the Shahs from problems and neglecting her life with Kapadias. It is in a way what led to her separation from Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) and Chhoti aka Aadhya. Seeing this promo, fans are still skeptical about Anupamaa’s new avatar. They are wondering if the production house would actually make this twist come true and execute it in a proper way. Some are waiting for other Shah family members to go down. Check out the reactions here:

Ye sab dirama dikhane ke Liye Amricaaaa ane ki ka jarurat thi, India mei v toh ho sakte the na ?

Opsora??–? Fan account ? (@Being_romeli) March 4, 2024

Iske har baar ka yhi hai ?#Anupamaa

(@NehaSamant14) March 4, 2024

#Anupamaa is a lier ?

????? ? ? (@pari_0109) March 4, 2024

Mujhe toh kisi bhi angle to “nayi Anupamaa” nhi lagti????

-dirty?same sweater in ?? -never combed her hair well ** -1980 ka look hai -koi bhi rishta sambhal nhi payi -own bachon ney bhi es ka 5yrs Hal chal ni pucha -maid hi milti hai dekhney ko#Anupamaa Stay away haters! ???MoNU DaVInder??? (@iammonuqueen) March 4, 2024

Just one Shah down but for how long? What about the rest of the Shahs ? ? #Anupamaa

Tasha Govender – Harshad Arora Fan (@IAmAyeshaFan) March 4, 2024

Lol faltu bhasan ese hi bade bade bhasan isne tab mare the jab Toshu ne pari ko kidnap Kiya tha , After few episodes mental issue Toshu bichara krke uski help kar rhi hogi#Anupamaa ki badi badi batein Vada pav khate After few episodes Anu will be like Maa Banna kese chord du

?? (@SweetestGirl022) March 4, 2024

Wow dkp pls don’t disappoint ?

Kanhaji extra dhyan rakhjo ?#Anupamaa #RupaliGanguly Edits_by_Avani (@ravalavi) March 4, 2024

??makers again playing with childrens ?????? #Anupamaa

MaaheMaha (@maahemaha1998) March 4, 2024

#DKP be like- Promo par taaliyan batore lete hain warna iss show off self respect ke 2 episode baad #Anupamaa ko Pari ki daadi, Kinjal ki MIL,Toshu ki maa aur Shahs ki saviour hi banna hai Koi bewkoof hi yakeen karega aise promo par hazaar baar baghban wala stunt dekhne ke baad

Isha (@Isha56789) March 4, 2024

No way… She will b back with “Mein Maa hona kaisa chhod dun”#Anupamaa

Suma (@Suma_VM) March 4, 2024

Why do I think after toshu kaand, #MaAn ka rishta sulajhegaa n today they hinted this. Major twist coming btw then Dkp pls don’t disappoint this time..#Anupamaa #AnujKapadia

Monika Lath (@monikalath4) March 4, 2024

Just saw the new #Anupamaa promo & eye am shook lmao

??????? ? (@BlazeQueenie) March 4, 2024

The Full Promo I Am Excited For This Track My Anu ??

But RGM Aashish The Mother Son Chemistry In On The Way Also The OG Songs Too This Is Emotional Track For Sure ??#Anupamaa Rubina My Love (@RubinaMyLove4) March 4, 2024

I am not getting the promo…

Anupamaa ke haath me hathkadi thi… Phir toshu jail me dikha…?? Piche Anuj bhi hai when Anupamaa got arrested… Pehle Anu arrest hui phir toshu ?? #Anupamaa #AnujKapadia #MaAn Dips (@MaanDips19) March 4, 2024

Vanraj ne dimpi ki jindagi jail me band kaidi jesi banayi Lekin ab Vanraj ka khud ka beta jail me h#Anupamaa It’s karma@KalraRomesh phli bar sahi insaf hua Shah’s ka Dusre ki beti ko jail jesi life di thi vanraj ka,ab khud ka kaput jail me h Jaisi karni wesi bharni

?? (@SweetestGirl022) March 4, 2024

Meanwhile, shocking twists are in store in Anupamaa. Shruti’s parent’s accident to Anuj’s wedding with Shruti, Yashdeep and Anu’s equations and more. Fans are hooked.

 Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna starrer TV show Anupamaa is going to take an interesting turn in the upcoming episodes. Netizens have strongly reacted to the same. 

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