Anupamaa serial upcoming twists: Shruti hatches a conspiracy to come in limelight; will Anuj expose her real face?


Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupamaa is one of the most popular TV shows that has managed to grab attention with its storyline and plot. The makers are planning various shocking twists and turns in the episodes to add to the entertainment quotient. The current episode of Anupamaa is focused on Dimpy and Titu’s wedding. For all the TV News and Entertainment News updates, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp. Well, Anupamaa and Anuj attend the pre-wedding celebrations. Shruti on the other hand gets nervous thinking about Anuj and Anupamaa. She tries to call Aadhya, who is not interested in picking her call. Shruti who is in the US seems to be missing Anuj and plans to rush to India. She thinks of marrying Anuj in the Dimpy and Titu’s wedding.

Shruti to get exposed in front of Anuj?

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Gulati will be seen getting exposed in front of everyone. He is being powerful. decides to flee from Anupamaa. Later, Rahul comes in front of Anupamaa. Anuj comes to save Anu from the men. They all confront Gulati and Rahul accepts his crime of turning the biryani made by Anupamaa into nonveg.

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Rahul cries in front of Anupamaa as he begs for an apology. Anuj has to go back to US and meet the food critic Ms Smith as he wants to know about the hurry that she showed in Anupamaa’s case. Shruti on the other hand turns nervous as her conspiracy will come in front of Anuj? Will Anuj learn that Shruti was the mastermind behind ruining Anupamaa’s career? Will Anuj leave Shruti forever and be with Anupamaa? In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Anuj plans to meet the food critic who gave judgement in Anupamaa’s case. Will Shruti get exposed? 

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