Anupamaa serial upcoming twist: Anuj to leave Aadhya’s birthday party for Anu?


Anupamaa serial upcoming twist May 23: In the latest episode of Rupali Ganguly’s show you will see Aadhya being extremely happy with the beautiful surprise by her pops Anuj Kapadia, but sooner she learns that the decoration was also done by Anupamaa and she loses her calm and spoils all the birthday decoration. Aadhya then curses her mom over ruining her special day and says even she should have the bad day of her life. Anuj feels disheartened seeing Aadhya’s hatred, Shruti takes the charge and organises a birthday party in a hotel to keep Anu away as Aadhya doesn’t want her presence. BollywoodLife is on WhatsApp. Get all the latest Entertainment News and TV News updates instantly.

Anuj feels hurt that Anupamaa is uninformed about these last-minute changes and wants to inform her about it, while he is also happy that if not for Anu, but her handmade cake would be at the birthday party. While in the upcoming episode, one can witness that Anu fails the hygiene test in her restaurant, she gets threatened and warned by the food inspector and they tell her she is finished. Anuj learns about this mishap and he runs to extend his support to Anu at home, they share a beautiful moment together while Aadhya and Shruti wait for him to cut the cake.

The only scene that gave me hope

Anuj want to keep Anu involved in the celebration Another important detail- I don’t care what others say or what they want He also wants to tell her of the change in venue All signs point to #AnujKapadia sticking by #Anupamaa #MaAn Annalise (@Annalise7231995) May 23, 2024

Pati patni & decoration??

That fall & catch..tension?? Tap se khel rahe..kya next level cutu hai dono..babies?? That angry biwi mode bcoz he cant take care of himself?? Pyaare log Song? ? MAAN FOREVER PS-No gyaan on first line?#Anupamaa#AnujKapadia#MaAn Bajaksapna21 (@bajaksapna21) May 22, 2024

Shru is using Aadhya to marry Anuj n Aadhya is using her trauma to get them married.

Both are selfish! Period. Yes, #Anupamaa abandoned them. But, if Anuj is easy on Anupamaa then he’s also letting Aadhya run his life. Anuj is the only person who lost everything in this MA (@Mus1294) May 23, 2024

It will be interesting to see if Anuj will manage to reach the venue back again or spend his time with Anu.  

 Anupamaa serial upcoming twist: Anuj chooses Anu over Aadhya; leaves his daughter’s birthday party for ex wife. 

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