Anupamaa: Sagar Parekh feels the low TRPs of the Rupali Ganguly show are because of Samar’s sudden death?


Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupamaa has grabbed everyone’s attention. The show is getting all the love but since two weeks, we have seen massive drop in the TRPs of the show. The show has been on the top spot on the TRP charts since it began. But now, it has lost its top place. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is at the top spot on TRP charts and now Teri Meri Dooriyaann has also over taken Anupamaa. Many have been wondering what went wrong in the storyline and many feel it is was Samar’s death sequence that backfired. People were not happy with Samar’s death shown in the serial. It was very heartbreaking to see Samar in that condition and the emotional last scene between him and Anupamaa brought tears. The effects of Samar’s death in the show were also heartbreaking as Anuj was blamed for the death. Anupamaa also stopped talking to Anuj and was seen supporting the Shahs only. Many of the #MaAn fans were not happy with Anupamaa’s behaviour. In all, it was heartbreak all over in the show. People also slammed the makers on social media for showing so much of negativity.

Sagar Parekh feels Anupamaa’s TRPs dropped because of Samar’s death

Now, Sagar Parekh who played the role of Samar also feels that the low TRPs are because of Samar’s sudden death in the show. Speaking to Etimes, Sagar spoke about if he was earlier upset with the news of Samar’s death. This is a big story in Entertainment News. Sagar shared that he was not upset about his exit from the show. He said that he had worked really hard because he had stepped into Paras Kalnawat’s shoes and everyone was worried if the audience will accept the new Samar. However, Sagar put in a lot of effort and the makers wrote the character well. He further said that Samar’s sudden demise has shocked everyone and he has received so many messages about the same. He added that people are missing Samar in the show.

Sagar misses playing the role of Samar

The actor said that he misses playing the role of Samar and the bond between Samar and Anupamaa was loved by the audience. He shared that he misses Samar because he was attached to the character and his bond with Rupali Ganguly had grown stronger off-screen.

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Currently, Kunwar Amarjeet Singh has entered the show as Tapish. He will be shown as Dimpy’s new love interest. Sagar Parekh opens up about the low TRPs of Anupamaa. The actor indirectly shared that the sudden demise of his character Samar Shah is the reason for low numbers. 

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