Anupamaa maker Rajan Shahi busts myth that TV actors work 18 hours a day; says ‘I will not take the nonsense’


Anupamaa maker Rajan Shahi made headlines with the comment he made on Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai stars Hina Khan and Karan Mehra. While the actress said she was hurt that why did he not address his issues when she was on the show, Karan Mehra said he would let bygones be bygones. In an interview with Indian Express, Rajan Shahi has said that he has indeed had a lot of controversies with actors. He said that he felt no one was above the show, not even the producer. Rajan Shahi said that every person in a creative field goes through his or her highs and lows. But he said the show is the No.1 priority and no one comes before it, not even the producer. BollywoodLife brings to you all the latest entertainment news updates. Join us on WhatsApp.

Anupamaa producer Rajan Shahi on being appreciative maker

Rajan Shahi said that he always appreciates his actors. He said that actors claiming to shoot for 18 hours on daily basis are lying. Shahi said that at times they do shoot for long hours, but it is not the norm. He said that fans and even some actors create bad impression about producers. Rajan Shahi said his mentor Mahesh Bhatt had advised him to love his actors but he is someone who calls a spade a spade. He was quoted as saying, “I am the only producer who goes overboard in appreciating the talent, but if an actor is misbehaving or troubling me, I will not take the nonsense.”

Do young TV stars let success go to their head?

Rajan Shahi said that big money is involved with every show. He stated, at times, seasoned actors and young TV stars let success go to their heads. They start believing they are the be all and end all of the show. He said he likes to work with actors who have a hunger for success and good work. Rajan Shahi said Anupamaa stars Sudhanshu Pandey, Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna have an urge to do good work. He said young stars come late on shifts. Rajan Shahi said there is no place in his production house for such people.

Rajan Shahi a hard taskmaster?

He said he cuts some slack when there is a next-day telecast but he has told actors to leave his sets if they lack professionalism. Rajan Shahi admitted to firing actors and informing the channel after a week or so. He admitted that while he loves his actors, the whole unit is important to him. Rajan Shahi said that actors can have dual personalities, and only those who work behind the scenes know the reality. He said, “I have learned from Ektaji (Kapoor) that nobody will hold the show for ransom. A character can be changed in a second, and I have done that.”  

 Anupamaa maker Rajan Shahi addresses his controversies with his actors. The producers says he is generous with praise, but does not cut slack when stars behave in an unprofessional manner 

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