Anupamaa: Here’s how Anu and Anuj are finally going to meet; check out upcoming twists


Anupamaa: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer, has captivated the attention of its audience. Fans of Anupama and Anuj are eagerly waiting for their favourite couple to reunite. It seems that the makers have finally decided to fulfill fans’ wishes as Anuj and Anu will finally meet each other in the upcoming episode.

Anupamaa: Here’s how Anu and Anuj are finally going to meet

In the upcoming episode, Yashdeep receives a call informing him that his hotel, Spice and Chutney, has been invited to place a stall at an upcoming food event. Anupama, who is currently staying at Yashdeep’s house, overhears the conversation and asks him about the event. Yashdeep is unsure about the event but Anupama convinces him to place a stall at the event, positive that something good will happen there. Anuj gets a call from his office colleague who informs him that Spice N Chutney has agreed to place their stall at the event. It is later revealed that Anuj has planned the entire event so that he can finally meet Joshi Ben and figure out if she is Anupama or not. Speculations are rife that when Anu meets Anuj, she will refuse to recognize him which will upset the latter. Anupama doesn’t want to create an issue in Shruti’s life and hence chooses to stay away from Anuj. On the other hand, Yashdeep seems to be smitten by Anupama. Will he confess his love to her and will she accept his love? The upcoming twists are definitely quite interesting.

 Anupamaa: In the upcoming episode, Anuj and Anu will finally meet each other for the first time after their divorce. Check out the upcoming twists of the show. 

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