Anupamaa Exclusive: Kunwar Amarjeet Singh reveals if Tapish will fill in Samar’s place in Anu’s life


Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey starrer Anupamaa is always in the news. The show has been the TRP topper since it began but the last few weeks have been difficult for the show. The show has slipped down to the second place because of low TRP numbers. It seems the recent Samar’s death scene has not worked for the show. Fans were quite upset with Sagar Parekh aka Samar Shah’s death. Anupamaa was shattered and she even stopped talking to Anuj as Vanraj blamed him for Samar’s death. While the TRPs went down, the makers planned a new entry in the show. They decided to fill in for Samar’s loss in Anupamaa and Dimpy’s life. Yes, we recently saw Dil Dosti Dance fame Kunwar Amarjeet Singh entering Anupamaa as Tapish. This is a big story in Entertainment News and TV news. We all saw how Anupamaa felt Samar’s presence when Tapish made an entry in the Shah house. She also has a soft corner for him and also appointed him in her dance academy. BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News.

Will Tapish fill in Samar’s place in Anupamaa’s life?

Now, Kunwar Amarjeet Singh aka Tapish spoke to BollywoodLife exclusively and revealed if Tapish will fill in Samar’s place in Anupamaa’s life. The actor shared, “I hope Tapish can fill in Samar’s place in Anupamaa’s life. I don’t know what the makers have planned ahead but yes, they are showing a lot of bond between Anupamaa and Tapish. If you have seen the recent episodes, Anupamaa has love and soft corner for Tapish and she definitely feels he is like a son but not like Samar actually.” “Tapish is sweet, innocent and Anupamaa has a liking towards him. I hope this guy is able to heal Anupamaa and bring her the same amount of gap and fulfill the gap after Samar’s death, “he added.

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh’s first reaction on bagging Tapish’s role

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh further spoke about his first reaction after he was offered Tapish’s role. He said, “I did not get much time to react because it was a very quick casting. I remember I got a call when I was in my house watching a world cup match and suddenly I got a call from the production saying that they have something coming up and if I am available. I asked them when do they need me and they said tomorrow. I was surprised and asked them what it is about. They told me it is about Anupamaa and you can do it so please do come to the office.” “The next day I got my lines, on the spot we did the audition and immediately after the audition, they spoke to me about the shifts would be and the story. So, it was so fast that I actually did not get the time to sink in what is happening. At first when they told me about Tapish, I thought it would be a cameo or something but after they explained me the storyline and the way they have prepared my entry I was surprised. They had grand entry and put in a lot of efforts in the production. They called in the choreographer, dancers and so it was a big entry. Everything was just too fast for me so to sink in so I could not just react, “he added.

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Kunwar Amarjeet Singh’s first scene with Rupali

He shared that he realised he is in Anupamaa when he did his first scene with Rupali. He said, “I actually realised that I am doing Anupamaa when I went to the shoot the second day and it was my scene with Rupali Ganguly. That time I realised that I am here and I have do to scenes with her. This is when I started realising that I have do scenes with her.  

 Kunwar Amarjeet Singh has entered Anupamaa as Tapish. He opened up about his first reaction when he was offered the role of Tapish. 

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