Anupamaa: Anuj’s mental health affected; fans slam Anu for letting Vanraj manhandle him; call her toxic


Anupamaa: The current track of the show is extremely disappointing, as Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) is on a major guilt trip after Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) accuses him of being responsible for his son’s deaths. And he behaves extremely disrespectfully towards Anuj and Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) , giving zero reaction to the manhandling of Vanraj, making the viewers of the show slam both his ex-husband and wife, Anupamaa and Vanraj. Fans are strongly slamming Anupamaa and calling her toxic for him. When Anuj reached Shah’s house to talk to Anu, he got mistreated by Vanraj, where Anupamaa kept her mom and only told Anuj that he was in grief.

So Anupamaa had all the strength to raise her voice at some random women for Dimpy, but was in no position to stop Vanraj (once again) from manhandling Anuj? At least not until Samar’s photo frame fell?

Ps. Save yourself the grief of telling me that she’s grieving. #Anupamaa MA (@Mus1294) October 9, 2023

Marriage is scary ? It’s important choose right life partner otherwise yall can see Anuj’s condition ?

?????? (@Gorgeouszz_) October 7, 2023

#Anupamaa can defend vanraj in any given condition n vanraj treats anuj like anuj is her ex and vanraj is her current husband.. yuks?

QueenBee? (@cool_introvrt) October 9, 2023

This man #AnujKapadia @iamgauravkhanna has my whole heart along with that of so many here. Who can believe he is not a trained actor? A man most of us want to cuddle and console despite the grief and tragedy belonging to the titular character. Don’t cry Anuj. Can’t bear it ??

KavitaM (@MaAnFan7) October 10, 2023

Whether #Anupamaa decides to stay with Shahs,take care of D/family, distance herself from AK is her choice but I feel Anuj must cut off completely from abusive,manipulative disgusting Vanraj,his family & SH where he has constantly been insulted, manhandled & no respect??

jaz (@jaz03659759) October 9, 2023

#AnujKapadia please be strong and stop blaming yourself ????

CA and Anuj scene was sweet.. Ab n bb supporting Anuj was good too. Unfortunately #Anupamaa has more trust on her ex and is remembering his words. So let it be… #Anupamaa Slp_thoughts (@slp_thoughts) October 10, 2023

Meanwhile, the viewers are calling her a hypocrite for not reacting to her husband Anuj being mistreated and manhandled by Vanraj but having all the energy to slam the aunties who indirectly taunt Dimpy over her bad luck as she lost her husband Samar(Sagar Parekh) within a year of their marriage.
The best part of today’s episode was Anuj and Choti. Anu’s conversation says fans and they are expressing disgust at how Anupamaa has chosen her side to be with Shahs always.

 Anupamaa ignores Vanraj Shah mistreating and manhandling her husband Anuj; fans slam her and feel Mr. Kapadia deserved better. 

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