Anupamaa: Anu to marry again? Rupali Ganguly’s latest video sparks speculation about the upcoming twist in the show


Anupamaa Spoiler: The Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna-starrer television show has managed to hook viewers to their television screens. The complexities of the relationship between Anu and Anuj have certainly captivated audience attention. Vanraj has already reached America along with Baa. He taunts Anu over her bond with Yashdeep. Anu gives it back to him and states that he should not bother or interfere in her life. Anuj, on the other hand, is terribly torn between Shruti’s responsibility and his feelings towards Anu. Amidst all this, a recent video by Rupali Ganguly has emerged, hinting at a big possibility that Anu may get married once again. For all the TV News and Entertainment News updates, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp.

Rupali Ganguly’s latest video sparks speculation about the upcoming twist in the show

Rupali Ganguly is known to be an active social media user. She frequently posts videos from her sets and personal life. In fact, she loves to make videos on trending songs. One such video has recently gone viral but for a completely different reason. In the said video, Rupali is expressing her love for Maharashtra’s most famous street food, Vada Pav. While the video is hilarious, what caught everyone’s attention is Rupali’s look. In the video below, Rupali can be seen wearing Anupama’s old saree, which she used to wear when she was married to Anuj. On top of that, Rupali is spotted wearing sindoor. These two things give a major hint that Rupali’s character Anu may get married in the upcoming episode. Check out the video below.

Talking about Anupamaa, Anu is time and again tired of getting hurt by her loved ones. She pours her heart out to Beeji and says that she is tired of all the blame games and hence took the decision of cutting all her ties with her loved ones. On the other hand, Anuj is getting extremely uncomfortable seeing Anu and Yashdeep’s growing bond. It would be interesting to watch if Anu will get married to Yashdeep or if the makers have planned a different twist for the show.  

 Anupamaa: Will Anu tie the knot? Rupali Ganguly mistakenly reveals about the BIG upcoming twist in the show. Check out the video below. 

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