Another Famous Celebrity Is Under Investigation For Using Drugs


Another famous celebrity is under investigation for using drugs.

According to the Gyeonggi Newspaper via Xportnews, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency has received intel that other famous celebrities are currently under investigation for using drugs and are conducting their investigation before booking them. While it is unknown what area of the entertainment industry the celebrity is active in, they have stated that it is a name that is highly recognizable to the public.

It is true that we are investigating a famous celebrity suspected of using drugs, other than Lee Sun Kyun.

We cannot provide any other details since the case is under investigation.

— Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency

Lee Sun Kyun was previously identified as the top star involved in a drug abuse case.

“Parasite” Actor Lee Sun Kyun Confirmed To Be “Top Star L” In Drug Abuse Case — His Agency Releases Statement

 Another celebrity is under investigation. 

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