Another BIGBANG Member Is Impacted By G-Dragon’s Drug Controversy


Recently, BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon was booked by the police on charges of drug use following actor Lee Sun Kyun‘s drug scandal—and this may be affecting another BIGBANG member.

BIGBANG members Seungri, T.O.P, Taeyang, G-Dragon, and Daesung (left to right) | Lee Young Ho/AP

Amidst allegations of drug use against G-Dragon, it was revealed that the broadcast replay featuring Daesung had been suspended. However, the official YouTube channel for Hangout with Yoo still has the broadcast, preview, and other content featuring Daesung available.

On October 26, an episode featuring Daesung on MBC‘s reality show Hangout with Yoo was unavailable on MBC’s replay VOD (Video On Demand) service. Daesung appeared as a guest on the episode that aired on October 21, showcasing his wit and entertainment skills as he met with Yoo Jae Suk.

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He also displayed his sense of humor by mimicking G-Dragon and demonstrating his efforts as a member of BIGBANG by singing his group’s song.

Despite this episode being the first time Daesung has been on a variety show in a while, the episode was suspended as the allegations of G-Dragon’s drug use surfaced and extended to Daesung.

Eventually, the production team of Hangout with Yoo explained why the episode was temporarily suspended.

The service was temporarily suspended because there were parts that needed correction… The VOD service will be resumed.

— Production team of Hangout with Yoo

G-Dragon was referenced a few times during the episode, such as when Joo Woo Jae imitated G-Dragon’s dancing for the song “Good Boy.”

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It is assumed that clips like this or when Daesung imitated or mentioned G-Dragon may have been edited out. Now, the episode is available for normal viewing again.

 He mentioned G-Dragon on a show. 

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