Animal Vs Sam Bahadur: Nani and Nithiin unaffected by big clash, start promotions for Hi Nanna, Extra-Ordinary Man


Come December 2023 and we will have film lovers spoiled for choices. Animal Sam Bahadur, Merry Christmas, Dunki and Salaar make it one solid month for film lovers. Plus, there are movies from the South industry like Captain Miller, Hi Nanna and Extra-Ordinary Man. Already, Venkatesh has postponed Saindhav to a later date in 2024. But it looks like Nithiin and Nani are going ahead as per the plan. Both their movies Hi Nanna and Extra-Ordinary Man are coming on December 8, 2023. They will clash in a big way with Animal in the Telugu states. Makers of Saindhav felt that the movie would be lost in the clutter and hence moved it ahead. In the middle of all this, Vishwak Sen made a eyebrow raising comment on social media. It seems there was a lot of pressure on the makers of Gangs Of Godavari to postpone the movie. Along with Hi Nanna and Extra-Ordinary Man, even Operation Valentine is coming on the December 8 weekend. The film stars Varun Tej. Vishwak Sen said that if the makers decided to postpone the movie, he would not promote the film. He said he believed in the movie. But the news is that Animal is carrying great reports from the Telugu market. The teaser of Nithiin’s Extra-Ordinary Man is out, and Nani and Mrunal Thakur came out with a Q and A video for the rom-com Hi Nanna. The past few months have been kind of mediocre for the Telugu film industry. Even the two big Dussehra films, Bhagavanth Kesari and Tiger Nageshwara Rao did not bring in good numbers.  

 Animal Vs Sam Bahadur: Nani and Nithiin go ahead with their movies on December 8, 2023. There are 3 Telugu films coming out in December 2023 

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