Animal: Is Bobby Deol’s character indulging in cannibalism in Ranbir Kapoor, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film?


The promo of Animal has caught the fancy of every film lover in the country. The buzz for it is almost the same as Tiger 3, which is a huge thing. Now, a clip of Bobby Deol talking about the film has gone viral. As we know, the character of Bobby Deol kills Anil Kapoor who is the father of Ranbir Kapoor. The macho man was present for the Jagran Film Festival where he gave an hint about the character in Animal. Fans really feel it has a bit of cannibalism. Animal is supposed to be the most violent film ever made in India as per maker Sandeep Reddy Vanga.

This is what Bobby Deol said about Animal

A clip from the teaser of Animal has gone viral. He can be seen chewing something in it. We can see him coming out shirtless from a room with a knife in his hand. This is the scariest that Bobby Deol has ever looked in a film. He was quoted as saying, “Something different and really excited to see that I look different and you wanna know what I am doing in that shot but as I said I can’t tell you. I am definitely eating something in it. Chewing something.” The makers of Animal will unveil the trailer a week before the release. It should come out on November 28, 2023. They want to keep the mystery around the character of Ranbir Kapoor in the film.

Packed December for Bollywood

Animal is going to clash with Sam Bahadur on December 8, 2023. Vicky Kaushal said that he is not worried about it, as both films’ fate will be decided by the audience. He said that there are only certain number of dates in a year, and multiple movies will release. He said we need an eco-system where every good film can flourish. Ranbir Kapoor has undergone a massive physical transformation for Animal. He will looked really beefy. The first song Hua Main is a hit. People are crazy over the chemistry of Rashmika Mandanna and Ranbir Kapoor who have also locked lips.  

 Animal: Bobby Deol drops a big hint on whether his character has traits of a cannibal in the Sandeep Reddy Vanga film 

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