Ameesha Patel says she and Sunny Deol had a lot of creative discomfort; claims Gadar 2 director Anil Sharma had hidden agenda that was making the film ‘gutter’


Gadar 2 is the most loved movie of 2023. It was the biggest hit and the entire Bollywood celebrated the movie. Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel returned as Tara Singh and Sakina in the movie. It was a treat to watch this iconic jodi back on the big screens. Even today, the film has been in the news and people still want Sunny Deol to return as Tara Singh with part 3 of the movie. The songs and the dialogues of the movie have gone viral. However, Ameesha Patel has made some shocking revelations about the film. She said that it was not an easy journey and they had many arguments with their director Anil Sharma while making the film. For the latest TV news and Entertainment News updates, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp.

Ameesha Patel says Gadar 2 was going to be ‘gutter’

She spoke to Bollywood Hungama and said that were a lot of corrections made in Gadar 2 by Sunny Deol and her to make it what it was because it was being steered in a direction that they were unhappy with. They did a lot of reshoots and editing from their side. Ameesha Patel and Sunny Deol had a lot of creative discomfort and it was not an easy journey for them. She further said that they both were almost like semi ghost directors on that film. They had a lot of creative inputs in the scenes, songs and even the choreography. She the spoke about director Anil Sharma and said that there was another hidden agenda that was with him and he was deviating from making Gadar. She shared that her business partner Kunal Goomer stepped in and and said that the film was actually going very wrong. She said that Kunal brought it on the right track or else, Gadar 2 was going to be gutter. Kunal told Sunny Deol that certain things are wrong and that need to be corrected.

Here’s a video from Sunny Deol’s house party

Talking about Sunny Deol’s upcoming films, he will be seen in Lahore 1947 and recently announced Border 2. Ameesha Patel said that Gadar 2 was going to be gutter because director Anil Sharma was deviating from making the film. She said that she and Sunny Deol had a lot of creative discomfort. 

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