Akshay Kumar reacts to his ‘Modi Bhakt’ tag and being compared to Shah Rukh Khan’s political ideology


Akshay Kumar is often accused of being a ‘Modi bhakt’ and promoting the ruling party, the BJP. And finally, the Mission Raniganj actor has made these claims of being Prime Minister Narendra Modi Bhakt, which came after his imagined interview with the man himself in 2019. In the latest interview, the shower speaker spoke about the tag of Modi Bhakt and dismissed it, saying that he got an opportunity to speak to Modi on a human level, and anybody would have jumped to the this opportunity, and so did he. Defending his no brainer, we had an interview with PM Modi, where he later got trailed or asked about eating mangoes. He said,” Anybody would’ve grabbed the opportunity had they been offered it”. In the same interview, he even addressed the accusation against making partisan cinema basically in favour of the government; he strongly denied it and said that social media narratives have put him on one side of the political aisle and other actors such as Shah Rukh Khan on the other. All he does is just laugh and move on.

Akshay even mentioned that he is often accused of making films in favour of the current ruling party ideologies, and he denied saying that he has also done films set during the Congress era. “It’s true. Some people accuse me of promoting Swachh Bharat through Toilet: Ek Prem Katha; I also made Padman. But nobody notices that I made Airlift, which was set during the Congress era. Even Mission Raniganj is set during the Congress era. But nobody is pointing that out. They only say these things when it’s convenient for their narrative”.
When Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan was released, the internet claimed that the film was against the Modi government, and he took all the important topics and exposed the current scenario of the government. Jawan has so far earned 1103.2 crore at the box office worldwide.


 Akshay Kumar disses the tag of being a Modi Bhakt and insists he doesn’t make films in favour of the BJP. 

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