Akshay Kumar On Wife Twinkle Khanna: “Main Toh Anpadh Hu, Wo Dimaag Wali Hai”

Akshay Kumar, who cast his first vote as Indian citizen on Monday, showered praise on wife Twinkle Khanna’s intellectual prowess in a conversation with Jio cinema’s Dhawan Karenge.The show is hosted by cricketer Shikhar Dhawan. During the chat, Akshay credited his wife for their daughter’s intelligence and also praised Twinkle for raising their children well alongside pursuing her personal goals. Akshay told Shikhar Dhawan, “My daughter gets her intelligence from my wife, Twinkle. Main toh anpadh aadmi hu, zyada padha nahi hu. Main gadha mazdoori karta hu, wo dimaag wali hai (I am an ordinary person. Haven’t studied much. She has intelligence while I do the heavy lifting).”

Akshay Kumar has been married to Twinkle Khanna since January 17, 2001.  They are parents to son Aarav and daughter Nitara. Reflecting upon his marital bliss, Akshay said on the show, “I am lucky to marry superstar Rajesh Khanna’s daughter but I am lucky that she is a lovely wife and a lovely mother. If you get the right partner in life, then your life is perfect. I go to work and she has taken such good care of my children. I am surprised about how my wife looks at life even today. She is 50 now and still goes to study. She has finished her masters and is now doing her PhD.” FYI, Twinkle Khanna received her Masters degree from Goldsmiths, University of London.

For Twinkle’s and their children’s academic pursuits, Akshay and his family spend much of their time in London nowadays. Talking about his London life, Akshay said, “There will be few people like me. When I go to London, I drop my daughter to school, drop my son at the university and finally drop my wife at the university. And then, like an ‘anpadh’ (iliterate), return home and watch cricket all day.”

After Twinkle Khanna completed her Master’s degree from Goldsmiths, University of London, Akshay Kumar gave her a loud shout out and wrote on Instagram, “Two years ago when you told me you wanted to take up studies all over again, I wondered if you meant it. But the day I saw you work so hard and perfectly manage a full-fledged student life along with home, career, me and kids, I knew I had married a super woman. Today on your graduation, I also wish I had studied a bit more to know enough words to tell you how proud you make me, Tina. Congratulations and all my love.” Take a look:

Akshay was last seen in the film Bade Miyan Chote Miyan alongside Tiger Shroff.

 Akshay Kumar said, “I am surprised about how my wife looks at life even today”     

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