Akshay Kumar finally reveals why he got a Canadian citizenship, blames it on his 14 flops


Akshay Kumar who finally got an Indian passport in his recent interview revealed that how he had ended up with a Canadian passport. The Mission Raniganj actor blamed it on his 13 flops where he reveals that how back to back failure made him convinced that he won’t have a successful career in the industry and hence he moved in to Canada. Akshay gets candid like before and said, “I became a Canadian because my films were not doing well at one time and I gave 13 to 14 flop films. At that time, my friend used to live in Canada and he said you come here and we will work on something. My friend had offered me that we would do cargo business together. I said okay my films are also not going well and a person has to work, no matter where he is.”. Akshay Kumar added, “When I started living in Toronto, I got a Canadian passport. In between that, two films were left for release. After the two movies got released it became a big superhit. I told him that I was going back. Then I got more films and reached here today. But I never thought people got a hold of it, it was just a travel document. I just pay my taxes, and I am the highest taxpayer.” Akshay Kumar trolled for having Canada passport The actor who was often called as Canadian Kumar and on August 15 that marks Independence Day, the superstar shared the news of finally getting an Indian citizenship and expressed his happiness on the same. Akshay Kumar is one the biggest superstar in Bollywood and he has come a long way in his journey. Indeed he is the Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood. Akshay Kumar will be seen next in Welcome to the Jungle and Hera Pheri 3 and all eyes is on these two big releases as the superstar is struggling to have a blockbuster.  

 Akshay Kumar reveals how his flop career got him Canadian citizenship and this is how his life got changed. 

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