Ahn Bo Hyun’s Casting In Upcoming K-Drama Met With Major Backlash


Netizens reacted negatively to the news that actor Ahn Bo Hyun has been cast in an upcoming K-Drama.

Ahn Bo Hyun | Daemun

On October 12, Star News reported that Ahn Bo Hyun had been cast to appear in the upcoming K-Drama Haesi’s Shinru.

Webtoon poster for Haesi’s Shinru | Naver

The K-Drama is a period romance taking place during King Sejong‘s reign in Korea’s Joseon period. Ahn Bo Hyun will reportedly play the role of the crown prince, Lee Hyang.


Netizens reacted to the news, with many expressing disappointment over the casting. Some reactions were so negative that certain fans expressed their surprise.

“Is this person involved in some controversy? Why is everyone criticizing the casting in the comments?” “Why does he choose romance when he’s better suited for other genres.” “Ah…” “He doesn’t suit the romance genre.” “I like Ahn Bo Hyun and so am saddened by the comments ㅠ. Did he do something wrong?” “Is it malicious to comment that he doesn’t match the romance genre? I’ve seen his previous works, and he sucks at romance. That actor fits other genres much better.” “The actors we want doing romantic dramas K-Dramas aren’t and… I won’t say the rest.” “Kim Seon Ho leaves, so they choose Ahn Bo Hyun… LOL. Do they not have any actors to film romantic dramas?”

Meanwhile, Haesi’s Sinru (Korean title) is based on a webtoon of the same name, which was incredibly popular. Fans may recognize that the role was previously offered to actor Kim Seon Ho, whose label at the time stated that they were positively considering the offer.

 “Did he do something wrong?” 

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