After Taylor Swift’s AI-generated uncensored pictures go viral, singer to take legal action?


American singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift is the current talk of town. The pop sensation who is majorly in buzz for her music and concerts is been discussed all over the internet today for a completely different thing. In an unfortunate incident, Taylor’s AI-generated uncensored pictures went viral on 25 January 2024. Since then, the ardent fans of the singer have been demanding justice for her. Furious fans want strict legal action to be taken against the people behind the AI-generated uncensored pictures.

Taylor Swift’s AI-generated uncensored pictures go viral

Because of the fan’s constant pleas, X has deleted one of the accounts which published the explicit pictures. Social media is highly miffed and is demanding justice for Taylor Swift. While a fan wrote that just because he is a billionaire doesn’t mean such things can be taken lightly, others wrote that the whole world stands strong with Taylor. Check out the post by fans below

she’s a white billionaire” is never an excuse to spread Taylor Swift ai images of sexualizing women Just because she’s a billionaire doesn’t mean you can spread taylor ai images.#TaylorSwiftAI #TaylorSwift



august (@bluyuuko) January 25, 2024

taylor swift ai protect taylor swift respect taylor swift

b (@siredtohizzie) January 25, 2024

As of now, there is no official statement released by Midnight over her AI-generated uncensored pictures. The pictures are still all around the social media. Fans are demanding X how they should remove every AI-generated uncensored picture of Taylor Swift immediately.  

 Ardent fans of Taylor Swift are highly miffed as the singer’s AI-generated uncensored pictures have gone viral. Read on to know more. 

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