After Aditya Narayan breaks silence on concert controversy; student comes forward to share his side; ‘I was right by the stage…’


Aditya Narayan has been making headlines for throwing away a fan’s phone from his concert. When asked the singer to react to the viral video, he said that he is only answerable to the almighty. However, the event manager came out in support of the singer and revealed that the boy whose phone Aditya threw was not even a college student, and he left him irritated by constantly pulling his leg. And how the student has reacted to his phone being thrown away by the singer. For all the TV News and Entertainment News updates, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp. The boy whose phone became the victim of Aditya Narayan’s anger is named Lovkesh and is a BSc student from Rungta College where the concert was held. Narrating the entire incident of what exactly happened, he said” “The concert was going on and I was standing in front of the stage. Aditya sir was performing and he was also taking everyone’s phones and clicking selfies for them. I was right by the stage so I also gave my phone to him for the selfie but he hit my hand with his mic and then threw my phone away for no reason. He was taking selfies with everyone so I thought he would take with me too that’s why I gave him my phone.”

People who desire fame and have become famous with their parents’ legacy clearly don’t know how to honor it.

It’s such a disgrace to see them act so inhumanely towards their fans, who have made them what they are today.#Adityanarayan Paurush Sharma (@paurushsh) February 13, 2024

On Aditya Narayan’s viral video of throwing a fan’s phone, Event Manager has now said that the Fan was irritating and was hitting Aditya’s feet. #AdityaNarayan #ViralVideo #FanIncident #EventManagerStatement

Asad Butt (@asad_butt310) February 13, 2024

He further slammed the event manager’s claim and said,” People have been saying a lot of things but this is the truth. No one hit him actually, we were just normally giving him our phones for selfies and he was even obliging. Even after throwing my phone, he continued giving selfies to everyone. Only he knows what his mood was like,” He even added that he used to like Aditya as a singer but after what he has he done to him, his feelings have changed and he shouldn’t be blamed.    

 Aditya Narayan viral video controversy: The college student whose phone was thrown by the singer reveals the real story of what exactly happened. 

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