aespa’s Winter Stuns With No Makeup Visuals


aespa‘s Winter recently posted photos of her on a short holiday. She was said to have gone traveling with a friend that she had known since elementary school. She showed off comfortable fashion and her no makeup visuals.

She wore an adorable pair of green knit pants with colorful patterns on it.

| imwinter/Instagram

The photos seemed to have been taken some time back, as she was dressed too coldly for winter.

| imwinter/Instagram

Winter seems to prefer dainty pieces when she is off work. She wore a floral knit cardigan on another day.

| imwinter/Instagram

She posed in front of the horizon, confident despite her lack of makeup.

| imwinter/Instagram

Fans were in love with her natural, pure beauty. It is rare to see Winter with minimal or no makeup as aespa often goes for more girl-crush concepts that require thick makeup.

| theqoo Why is Kim Minjeong so pretty? Let’s date. She’s so babylike, but also handsomely pretty. She’s so pretty and dainty. I’m jealous. The cardigan is cute LOL. What can I use to describe her… She’s pretty. Her vibes are so nice. Pretty. She suits the styling from today and yesterday’s [uploads]. Pretty.

We’d love to see aespa attempt a more innocent and girly concept one day!

 She seemed to have enjoyed her vacation. 

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