Aespa’s Giselle Sets The Record Straight About Her “Golden Spoon” Rumors


The aespa members have been a subject of intrigue from the moment they were announced as SM Entertainment‘s highly anticipated 4th-generation girl group.

From their gorgeous visuals to their unique metaverse concept to their individual talents, aespa kept fans captivated.

(From left:) aespa’s Karina, NingNing, Giselle, and Winter | @aespa_official/Twitter

As fans learned more about the members following the group’s line-up being announced, netizens were further intrigued by Giselle, who not only passed SM Entertainment’s infamously difficult Saturday audition but had only trained with SM for less than a year before making her debut.

aespa’s Giselle | @aerichandesu/Instagram

As fans learned more about the talented aespa member, they learned that she was fluent in English, Korean, and Japanese and had attended a private school in Tokyo, the International School of the Sacred Heart.

While some netizens attempted to spread false rumors about the aespa member, her old classmates and friends rushed to confirm that Giselle had been a well-mannered, friendly, talented, and funny classmate.


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Giselle’s shorter training period also sparked false rumors as some netizens attempted to claim Giselle was able to join SM Entertainment because she was from a prominent and wealthy family.

During aespa’s recent Knowing Bros appearance, Giselle shut down the rumors and clarified the “golden spoon” allegations herself.

aespa on “Knowing Bros” | @aespa_official/Twitter

Knowing Bros cast member, comedian Lee Jin Ho, addressed the members, stating that he had heard Giselle was a “golden spoon” idol from a wealthy family.

As cast members asked Giselle if she had seen the YouTube clips about it, she admitted she had seen them.

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She took the opportunity to clarify that, while she had seen rumors such as her family owning multiple golf courses and a hotel, which she admitted wouldn’t be a bad thing, there was no truth to them.

As the Knowing Bros cast members continued to call out rumors they had heard, she consistently shut them down, confirming they were false.

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Check out Giselle’s first answer in the video below!

 She addresses rumors she’s heard about herself on “Knowing Bros.” 

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