Aespa Spills On The Song They “Fought” To Include On Their “MY World” EP


aespa recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight host Deidre Behar for an interview during which they talked about their world tour, their latest single “Better Things,” their tight-knit friendship, and their plans for the future.

(From left:) aespa’s NingNing, Karina, Winter, and Giselle | @aespa_official/Instagram

The aespa members were specifically focused on their future musical plans, revealing their desire to release a full-length album.

Giselle shared that the group hopes to release an album that the members are “100% authentically proud of” and that the members “really put [their] full effort into.

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Winter echoed Giselle’s statement, adding her own perspective to the goal. The aespa member revealed that she hasn’t been “completely happy with the results” of their releases so far while noting that it happens to many artists and creatives.

Still, she also wishes to release a full-length album that satisfies “all [their] efforts and [their] entire team’s support.

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While they continue to strive for more, aespa did share that they put in a “lot of effort” to deliver a new sound and style to MYs (aespa’s fans) when they released their EP MY World in May.

Winter shared that her personal favorite song from the mini-album is “Welcome To My World” because it allowed the group to show a “new side” of themselves.

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Giselle added to Winter’s statement, revealing that the members “really fought” to have the song included on the mini-album, making MY World feel even more personal to them.

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Check out more about their plans and future goals in the full interview below!

 “It was a very personal album for us.” 

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