Aespa Fans Criticize Stylists Over Karina’s Incredibly Short Skirt


For their ongoing promotions for “Drama”, aespa‘s members have been styled in some gorgeous outfits.

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With their already stunning visuals, the idols could arguably look good in pretty much anything. So dressed in the beautiful assortment of skirts, dresses, layers, and accessories for their stages so far, they’re definitely a sight to behold!

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However, one of the recent outfits that Karina was styled in is drawing criticism to the person or people who dressed her in the clothing.

Karina (aespa)

Fans first noticed just how shirt a denim skirt that the aespa was wearing was when she and Eunchae uploaded a video on TikTok. In the clip, the two idols are acting adorably together, but some couldn’t help but notice that the safety shorts under Karina’s skirt were clearly visible even when she was standing straight.


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While it’s true that safety shorts are generally worn to prevent indecent exposure for short skirts, they are usually not seen except when the idol dances or does other kinds of movements. So netizens are finding the fact that the safety shorts are clearly visible when Karina is standing still to be evidence that the skirt is too short to begin with.

The outfit was also worn for a performance of “Drama” at Music Bank, which can be seen here. If nothing else, fans can’t help but think that the outfit looks uncomfortable to dance in.

On a public forum post about the short skirt, commenters had a lot to say regarding Karina’s stylist, with most of their opinions being on the critical side.

Do you find this method of styling problematic, or do you not see any issue with it?

 “If you can see these shorts when she’s standing then the stylist clearly failed at their job.” 

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